Inglot Freedom Palette

PhotobucketI’ve previously mentioned Inglot and it’s fabulosity. I’ve also taunted you non-New Yorkers about the fact that only we (NY residents) can get these snazzy products in the US. But I have yet to show you the continued vast collection of their products and how amazing their shadows are.

Their Freedom Palette comes in nearly a million variations. You get to choose the size of the palette and if you want small round pans or slightly larger square pans. These can be chosen from the shadows, blushes, bronzers, etc. and can be combined in whatever way you like. Want three on a palette or ten? The world is in your hands. Plus they have hundreds of colors to choose from.

This is how the scene is in the store: You get a little tray and choose the colors you want (they’re on a table and you walk around it like a starving makeup junkie in a makeup buffet palace). Once you combined the colors that you like or want (I swatched my hands enough times to warrant three makeup wipe cleans), you hand over the goods to a salesperson and they go in the back to perform magic. When they come back? They have what you will be referring to as your ‘baby’ for days to come.

I tried really hard not to indulge too much, given that my wallet seems to run thin after every beauty
, clothing
purchase I come across. I honestly can’t even specify because a lot of things catch my fancy. So what did I do? I convinced myself that the largest palette would save me the most moolah in the end run for the per shadow price, and forced myself to choose colors that I felt were missing from my collection. One can argue that nothing is missing, but that one really wouldn’t know me that well…

The palette comes with a frosted cover so that it’s not completely clear, but definitely transparent. I think the plastic cover for the shadow debris is very elegant and looks great with their brand name all over it. Other plus? The palette has four magnetic dots, one in each corner. The top has matching dots. This lets you swivel your top or take it off. You can even be like me and make it change shapes every five seconds… just because.


The pans are removable, but fit very snug inside the palette. There is very little spillover of debris when you use this, so the palette stays very clean without you turning obsessive. Another plus side: The cover and the palette, though not that thick, are sturdy enough that when I dropped this palette on the floor (I’m a stinkin’ klutz), not a single shadow shattered. There was a surface crack on one of them, but that went away with a sweep of shadow application as well. That was impressive.
The colors are on the back of each pan so if you want to go crazy and collect each color in the set, make sure you make a note of what ya got.

PhotobucketI swatched just as it
appears in the palette, except for the fact that I misjudged the size of my hand (don’t ask) and ran out of space for the light color. That is on the row below. Should make sense though, being how the colors are completely different! Click on the picture to check out the detail of the shimmer and intensity of the swatches. Oh and just in case you were wondering, that’s a single swipe of shadow thankyouverymuch.

The freedom palette of 10 is something like $50 or so. This isn’t so bad when you calculate per shadow. Or so I told myself at the time of purchase…

What y’all thinking about Inglot? Warming up for a NY trip, twiddling your thumbs for their internet launch? Let me know!

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9 thoughts on “Inglot Freedom Palette”

  1. OMG!!! I'm loving the colors you chose for your palette. I just twittered about how I want to come up to NYC for a Inglot fix. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these freedom paletted


  2. Hm, we used to have Inglot all over Canada, but they got rid of the 2 locations we had where I live. So sad…I have 2 of their big palettes with the round pans and I love them. The colour payoff is amazing. I went nuts when they shut down cuz everything was 50% off and then went down to 75% off. Nice palette girl!


  3. @slvrlips – they are most definitely worth the trouble lol

    @Rai – you would totally leave broke lol!

    @Makeup Mama – that sounds amazing. Now I guess I'd rather have them close so I can get 75 off!

    @DWJ – agreed!

    @Marce – me neither! They don't have a site up for any of the countries they are set up in

    @Gabrielle – MUFE is no joke either! They are very similar in that their colors pack a punch

    @The IMM – thanks! I tried to get colors I didn't have


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