Just some updates for y’all.

I have changed the layout a bit and am working on updating the design and some buttons. I have started to get the feeling that the site is a little too busy on the sidebar and am working to improve on that.

Also gone are the ‘Read more’ large links. These will be replaced with smaller links. To catch older posts in their full length, just click on the post title, or to comment & the post will show up on their own. This will also clear up the gap that was created by posting when reading in Google Reader.

Along with these, there will be a new post/editorial calendar coming up, as well as links for contests and giveaways. I am still behind in the mailing part of my past giveaways, so don’t get mad at me. As a matter of fact – if you have not received what’s due for you, let me know!

As always, I love to hear what you guys are thinking, and if you have an idea to improve My Own Judge, just let me know!

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One thought on “Updates”

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