American Music Awards: Rihanna

Rihanna AMA 2009Yesterday was the first day in a couple of years that I got to catch the American Music Awards, or any awards show for that matter. When I was younger I would wait for the shows months in advance like it was a holiday coming up and now I barely give it a thought.

But my girl Janet Jackson was said to perform. In between American Football madness, those words could always break me out of any spell. I awaited her opening performance and sang along to each and every song telling anyone willing to listen which song used to be my favorite (there were plenty). Janet didn’t disappoint, but she didn’t wow either. As a matter of fact, that was how the whole show was for me.

So why the post? Y’all already know I don’t like to stand on my soapbox and spew negativity because there are so many good things to discuss. Good and questionable. Like Rihanna‘s new makeup.

Check out the video of her performance & more pictures after the jump.

Miss Riri has started sporting fabulously bright hues lining her bottom lids. This is bright waterliner colors to the max. From fuschia to plum-red, your girl has been lining the lowers & baring her uppers.


While I approve of the winged tip (it elongates the eye so you don’t even need to bother about what magic tricks your lids up top should be creating), I question the color choice. Though she carries the color well enough not to look sleepless or addicted (to anything other than fashion), I find it hard to believe anyone else could.

The color seems too close to the shade your eyes get post-irritation, and with the smudge factor of any girl’s life, this spells disaster for yaya.

On the flipside, I am absolutely in love with the new honey shade she darkened her hair to from the blonde she had before. It works much better with the darker shade around her temples and her skin tone.

And you? What’s your verdict?

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One thought on “American Music Awards: Rihanna”

  1. I actually love the blond and makeup on Rihanna. She can rock anything and make it look great. Her cut-out dress is both feminine and edgy, just like her!! Great post!


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