Talk It Out Tuesday! Choice of Nails

Happy Tuesday! Happy December as well!

How are your nails doing? The reason I ask is because I tend to use my nails as tools and more often than not, abuse them. I use them to open boxes, cans, plastic packaging, scrub away tough spots, etc. No surprise then that they often break.

I also have to admit that I have been slacking on the vitamin intake and those darn white spots have popped up on my nails. Call it silly, but the reason I hate seeing them is because they show other people my business. Snitches!

But it’s not just me. When I used to work in retail, that whole year of handling clothing, hangers, and tags on a daily basis caused unimaginable havoc on my nails and cuticles. And when I went nutso shopping this past weekend? All the hangers and clothing molestation (you know when you walk through the store just running your hand over all the fabric… lol) had me in the car on the way back filing my nails and muttering to myself like a madwoman.

You know what I hate most about them breaking?

  1. It breaks up the flow. One nail always ruins it for the hand and then I compulsively adjust the length on all the nails.
  2. Sometimes the nail breaks in a different shape and I have to decide between changing the shape or having a tiny nail (because I’d have to file it down to the wanted shape).

Clearly this is a dilemma to rip your hair out and not sleep for days (… not really). But nails are so changeable and so noticeable to me, that I have to find out from you:

What is your nail shape?

Here are some celebrity images I put together of different mani styles, from fake to real, bitten to long, squares to talon-like shapes.

I also found some good tips for y’all to transition into new shapes, or just get the shape that you want (sometimes I get the perfect shape on everything but one nail – drives me crazy!!). I am a rounded square myself, but I would love to try out the style Dita von Teese is sporting (top left corner).

Here are the various shapes of nails:

Talk it out!

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3 thoughts on “Talk It Out Tuesday! Choice of Nails”

  1. Oh my nails. Sigh. I just broke ANOTHER one earlier this week and it's only Tuesday. BUT, starting over is not a bad thing since I polish and repolish my nails about 6 times a month if not more. And when they break, I never change the shape, I just deal with the nub.


  2. My nail shape is a cross between #2 and #9 in the drawing of fingers in this post, although sometimes they are a bit longer than the nails in those two drawings – that is, unless one has peeled or broken, which happens more often than I'd like. They grow in close to this shape, so I just keep them filed that way so that it's not so much work.

    Right now I'm actually on a nail polish kick, so I am ALSO trying to get my nails to be stronger as well so that I don't break them or have them chip/peel/split as often, thus ruining the pretty manicure I've put on… and so that my nails will be long enough so that I can do pretty nail art for Christmas….LOL 🙂 Sooo, I'm taking my vitamins and my biotin supplements, since biotin is supposed to help you grow gorgeous hair and nails. I'm religiously using cuticle cream/nail strengtheners. And I'm keeping them polished, since I seem to have less problems with peeling/breaking when I've got polish on there supporting the nails.


  3. @juvenescent – i hear ya! I broke all of mine this past weekend. I especially hate it when my nails have been long for a while and then they are short b/c then when I touch things it feels weird – if tht makes sense lol

    @Jennifer – I'm closer to the #9 too. I have been picking up on my vitamin intake and should probably get some biotin in the system too. I wouldn't mind longer hair hehe


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