Beauty Blunder No More

PhotobucketI don’t know if the readers have heard yet or not, but the yaya-meister has caught the travel bug. I will be venturing out of the American borders for sunnier and warmer times. I am Barbados bound!

As I get ready for the Caribbean climates (can’t wait to hide my jacket and boots!) I have reverted back to packing soft fabrics, slinky sleeves, tank tops, etc. But the space in a suitcase is limited, and the needs and wants are never.

Enter Miss Oops Holiday Survival Kit ($18). The miniature set is perfect for travel, and is packaged cute enough for a gift.

The set includes:

  • Miss Oops Mishap Tape
  • Miss Oops Rescue Sponge
  • Miss Oops Lint Roller

First of all, I am a sucker for packaging. So it is no surprise that I was head over heels for the simple packaging (slightly reminiscent of the Tiffany’s blue) with Miss Oops herself looking slightly worried.

All of the items are perfect for on the go (great for travelling or fitting into your handbag) and tackle the smallest but most often repeated offenders. The tape is for keeping your too open shirts together a la Jennifer Lopez with her down to there gown and not Janet Jackson or Tara Reid with their wardrobe snafus. The tape is hypo-allergenic so you can stick it to other fabric or skin! I do recommend adding a safety pin or two just in case your clothing is extra stubborn (you can never be too safe!). The sponge helps remove powder and deodorant stains. Use it by buffing the areas dry – or lightly wet. The sponge is great when trying to get into nooks and crannies like near buttons, zippers, pockets, or corners. Last but not least, the lint roller is perfect for removing lint, but also stray hairs and dust that tends to attach itself to you as the day rolls by. Perfect for visiting family with pets who are inconsiderate to your trendy fashions! 🙂

A tip? Cut your Rescue Sponge in half to use one for removing deodorant stains, and the other to use with a little bit of soap to clear smudges from shoes (don’t do this on suede or leather!). You might not have to use soap, but will want to wet it (i.e. when removing street salt from your boots), and it’s always best to separate what you use for clothing & shoes (no street debris on my shirts please!).

Disclaimer: This set was sent to the author for review. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

What’s your secret to a hassle free holiday?

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