Bah Humbug Frizz!

The weather outside is frightful the songs blare. Well… I don’t know about that. If you wear enough layers, you can keep your fears at bay. But our skin and hair are always victims of drastic weather changes.

What to do? I’m a big fan of using every hair product on every shelf until you find the one that’s right for you, but I never go too far from my Organic Root Stimulator Anti Frizz Olive Oil Glossing Polisher from Walgreen’s (I buy one for every house I stay in – i.e. mom’s, aunt’s, etc.). It adds a soft sheen without a crunchy texture & doesn’t dry my hair out. Plus it has this faint fresh smell. It’s good for straightened, frizzy, freshly washed, etc. hair.

But enough about me, let’s hear more about me, lol! Miss Yaya has a guest editorial about winterproofing your curls on the curlytop fave Be a dear and check out the article here. Even if your curls come courtesy of a hot iron, a braid, or even a dream – you might enjoy the read (and even pick up a tip or two)!

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