Talk It Out – Winterize Me Cap’n!

I can sure babble about something right? So the topic (obviously) is the shift in weather. I want to know how y’all are dealing with your skin when the weather changes.

I can actually feel my skin get dry more and more as it gets colder, so that means I double up on the amount of times I lotion up. That and I go to bed with socks on. This gives me a perfect excuse to have soft toes and heels as I’ll slather on my thickest lotions and put on fuzzy socks with polka dots and such (that never see the outside of my house).

Is your skin stable enough that you stick to the same routine? Do you moisturize more or less? What’s your secret?

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2 thoughts on “Talk It Out – Winterize Me Cap’n!”

  1. I use warm mist humidifier in my bedroom. It helps keep my skin from being so dry (so you don't have to double up on the moisturizer) and it keeps my husband from snoring so bad. Plus, I got to try that new vaseline lotion and it's been pretty amazing at keeping my skin soft too.


  2. My routine has definitely changed, for some reason this year my skin is really taking a beating. My hands are the worst so lately I've been slathering on a hand salve and I wear gloves to sleep so it soaks in. My go-to lotion right now is Jergens naturals in Renew it has done wonders for me, I love it!


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