With the ELF’s help…

ELF ConcealerNot long ago I found out that Santa isn’t the only one with an elf in his life. Already familiar with E.L.F cosmetics and their efforts to keep up with the demands of a beauty on a budget, I was unsure of how great they were with face products. Matching powder or shadow to your desires? Pretty easy, even if a bit tedious. Finding a good concealer? Now we talking tomfoolery.

I often have to find something that matches my skin tone but also does a great job at making the dark spots lighter. I want to do this without having ghostly circles around my eyes. So how could three buckaroos keep me satisfied?
The corrective concealer comes with four cream concealer shades, for reducing redness, dark circles, etc. Pocketbook friendly, this is a bit bigger than a credit card and probably as wide as a cellphone. Part of the studio line, it comes in new snazzy all black packaging.

From the site:

Conceals under-eye darkness, blemishes and other skin imperfections with customized coverage. Brightens under-eye circles and neutralizes redness. Convenient size for on-the-go travel.

Use the nude and beige shades to conceal problematic areas. Use the green shade to neutralize redness like that of acne and the lilac shade to brighten yellow tones.

ELF Concealer ELF Concealer
The studio packaging looks a lot like NARS.
ELF Concealer ELF Concealer
Left swatch with flash, right without. Click on images to see larger image(s).
ELF Concealer

The lighting in this photo isn’t as great as the following after pictures, but it shows the point. The only area I used the corrective concealer was around the eyes. This is my problem area and I normally don’t use concealer/foundation anywhere else. You can see that I have darker pigmentation on the lids, below the eyes, and on the sides of the nose (from wearing glasses and lack of sleep).

ELF Concealer ELF Concealer
Tada! If you’re not amazed with how great this works. That’s okay. I am. It’s pretty smooth with application and doesn’t take too much product to get the job done.

The negatives? This corrective palette does not work for all skin tones. I used the darkest shade on the right as a spot concealer for a FOTD for a friend (photos to come) and it worked, but the rest made her skin look ashy. Also, the concealer palette comes with a brush but you most definitely do not need it. Application with the brush will make you think the product is streaky and poor in quality, when in fact it’s not.

Use your fingers to determine the correct amount of product and pressure when applying.

The verdict? If it matches your skin this is the only one you need (and it costs less than a $5 footlong!).

Have you tried the E.L.F corrective concealer? Anything from their studio line? Let me hear it!

Disclaimer: This palette was purchased by the author. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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4 thoughts on “With the ELF’s help…”

  1. Wow it really does make a difference! I so want this now! I have yet to try anything from the studio line but with all the posts about it lately I have quite a list going lol 🙂


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