Chanukah Giveaway Day 3

PhotobucketSo this is hopefully the last of the late catch up posts. Check out the giveaway details for this day (and check out day 3 below) and make sure to come back at 8pm EST to check back for the remaining days of the giveaway!

Three lucky winners will get a Korres Soft Eyeliner in Black. I love these suckers because not only are they completely natural, but they are the smoothest pencils I’ve ever come across. The liner is thin but is super creamy and is perfect for the waterline. I like using it for the outer corner of my eyes for a nonsmudge effect. Of course, it is great for lining your lids as well, and for a quick smokey eye if you use a shader right after lining.

MOJ Chanukah Giveaway

Let me know what your secret method for lining your eyes is and you just may win!

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11 thoughts on “Chanukah Giveaway Day 3”

  1. When the weather is pretty hot I put my liner in the fridge so it wouldn't go all melty. I like a precise line so I look down infront of a mirror and I really don't tug at my lids I just trace the lashline and do a tiny flick at the end.

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com


  2. you might not believe it but i burn the end of my eyeliner to have that really dark look. I only do it when i am donning a very dark smokey look.

    It intensifies the color!

    i light it for like 3 secs…then cool it off then apply it

    though i only do that to eyeliners that are not that dark/pigmented. Since i found a good eyeliner that can give me that smoldering look without burning it so i have not done it for quite sometime.


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