Talk It Out Tuesday – Shopping Partners

Hey there kiddies. As I rummaged through the MOJ archives, I realized that the last Talk It Out Tuesday was over a month ago! So of course, it’s time to ask some questions and talk it out.

How does your partner treat your shopping habits? This could be a current or past instance.

Whenever I go rummaging for beauty products, my other half prefers to stay out of it. Not that he will refuse to go, just that when he does go he has nothing to do, so he ends up standing there. It’s really because he has no interest in glosses or mascaras, or if China Glaze has a new collection out, or which celebrity was last seen getting a mani with it. Also, being that this isn’t necessarily his passion, I don’t get the ooh and ahh shared excitement of a new glitter or holo polish, or shadow. I like to do the beauty shopping alone or with the gals. Shopping for clothes is much easier because I like to get his input and point out ridiculous outfits, and I can alternate between men’s stores where we can find stuff for him, and then stores for me.

MOJ Talk It Out Tuesday
Image credit: edited game scene from DeviantArt user Janeko 

I actually consider myself lucky. I have plenty friends who face shopping with their ladies for anything as an extreme hassle and are just party poopers throughout the whole experience. I’ve dated a guy or two in the past that was like this, and it just ruined the whole stinkin’ experience for me (and if you know me – you’ll know it’s always a good experience lol!).

What about you? Is your partner your shopping partner?

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2 thoughts on “Talk It Out Tuesday – Shopping Partners”

  1. My boyfriend isn't my shopping partner, but he will go, it's just that when we get there he just stands around. Sometimes he'll help pick stuff out, depeneds on what store we're in (Victoria Secret… he's a real big help lol) as far as make-up and stuff goes, sometimes he walks away, but I'll take him cause sometimes he's a real help. He'll say don't pay that much for that when you can get this …or something of that nature. But I'd rather go with my friends than him because I get a lot more help.


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