NOTD – Face Stockholm

MOJ NOTDI started to test out all the polishes that I have in my possession, with a strong emphasis on new brands and never used bottles. If you think that there are many of those in my household – you are absolutely correct. So without further ado, here are the pictures of my self made mani with FACE Atelier Stockholm!! I do have to apologize for the fact that I did not record the number/name while taking pictures, so all I can tell you is that it looks like a creamy metallic purple.

Also? I can’t find the nail polish for this brand anywhere online. If you know the secret, please do tell.

MOJ NOTD[edit] After posting this y’all alerted me to the fact that my silly behind didn’t look close in the image to see that it wasn’t FACE Atelier but Stockholm! Doh! Serious Homer moment here.

The color of this polish is so pretty when caught with a flash (as seen in all these pictures). When you take a picture of it without flash it is nearly completely black. Why did I still get the polish then? When it’s on my hands and I move it around in the light like a cat with an amusing ball of yarn, I catch the whole spectrum of purple and that is all I need to be happy.

Does anyone else do that when they are overly pleased with themselves? I do that with nails, makeup, and anything else I feel proud of myself in lol. I can take a picture and look at it and zoom into every corner of the photo for hours while on the subway afterward.

Check out how it looks on my nails:

MOJ NOTDThis picture is with flash, but I did tilt it so that you can catch both how it looks with flash and without. The top part of the nail is basically what it looks like when you’re not twirling it around to catch any light.

Now that I found my error (we all make them sometimes – be happy I didn’t make more! lol). Here’s the link where you can find the polishes. And the color? From the site I think it might be 61.

How do you like it?

Any colors caught your eye recently?

Try this company before?

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