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MOJ - Bobbi Brown
In the past year (and I’m talking the last 360 odd days and not just 2010 y’all), the emphasis on ‘real models’ and ‘real shapes’ has been growing. Of course, in a world where the advertising has veered so far from being the epitome of the majority of its customers to an extreme in the present; that is for the most part unattainable. I know there are plenty skinny girls who are so without the help of a finger down their throat or a two carrot and one grape diet of the day. I also know most of the women in the world are not suited to just one formula and for the majority have extra meat on their bones. You know – the more to love.

Glamour had a photo shoot with plus sized models, Seventeen and Teen Vogue offer a plus size body type variation when doing outfit suggestions, Dove had (and still does) have a ‘Real Women’ campaign, and the list goes on. In the end it will not be worth a mention, and that’s a good thing. When we stop oohing and ahhing over a ‘normal’ model gracing the big name mags that land at ‘normal people’ mailboxes and accept it as the new norm, it will be the best type of change.

Bobbi Brown has long been a cosmetics line that has the variety every ‘normal’ woman needs for her collection. The brand has (in my humble opinion) the largest range of skin tone and skin flattering everything – from lip glosses to foundations. So why the surprise when the makeup artist looked to everyday people for her new campaign? I’m not surprised. I’m loving it.

She kept it in office (I believe) as some of them have their positions listed. You can also click over to check out the Pretty Powerful Women and get to know them all.

MOJ - Bobbi Brown

MOJ - Bobbi Brown

I always mention how great advertising can have an impact on whether the product makes or breaks it for me and you won’t be surprised that I love this campaign.

I love when a Pretty Powerful Woman is catered to by enhancing what is most natural to the first part we see and keep in contact with the most – her face. I love advertising that caters to pretty and powerful women with uplifting messages than sex and the need to ‘improve.’

And you Ladies and Gents of the Jury? How do you feel about this Pretty Powerful Advertising?

P.s. There is a Pretty Powerful contest on the site starting on January 19, and a video featuring the ladies and their makeovers. I couldn’t embed the darn thing, so check out the video over here!

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One thought on “LG Of the Jury – Powerful Advertising”

  1. i love this ad. now i have a new found respect for bobbi brown. only thing is, from my part of the world i dont get bobbi brown makeup. i have to rely on ebay. but we know that foundations and the like must be personally color matched else it could go wrong. sighhh…

    never the less i absolutely adore this ad. ADORE IT!!:)

    -Samitha from Colombo


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