Sephora by OPI NOTD

MOJ Sephora by OPII was inspired by reading a lot of blogs and posts on Twitter and all around the net about how everyone is organizing their nail polish stash.

Mine is a hefty one, but by no means amazing. What it really was – was messy. You know how sometimes it just takes a single prompt to inspire you to do things? Like a fire under your bum? That’s what it was when my honey asked why there was a forest of polishes lining up at my computer. So I set to stay up into the night, reading Twitter replies, Google Reader, and organize polish.

First I tried to do it by color. That was murderous. I would be conflicted on what to call each color and argue (with myself) that one color cannot be separated with another, and so on. So I gave up and started organizing by brand. It was something therapeutic to see polishes lined up in battle formation with uniform tops facing me. I felt highly accomplished.

But enough about that. Details? They will probably come if you want to see. The point today is that during cleanup I unearthed an unopened gem. My Sephora by OPI polish in Run With It was highly coveted. I usually put polish on one finger and then revisit the store later if the color leaves a lasting impression. This is my pseudo attempt at shopping less. Well this color had me returning and searching more than a handful of counters. So why did I find this unopened? I don’t know the reason, but I sure didn’t waste time making amends.

First I spent some time taking photos of the golden swirls inside the grayish/silver polish, and then I loaded up three coats. On the left you will find the photo with no flash and on the right with flash. Forgive my lack of attention to my cuticles, I was too excited about the polish!

MOJ Sephora by OPI MOJ Sephora by OPI

What do you think of this color? What’s on your nails?

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