I’m With Wendy

MOJ Missing at the GrammysI may be a little late to commenting on the Grammys, but watching my evening Wendy update (are you watching the Wendy Williams show with me?) last night, I found that I agreed with her statement.

What was it? Let’s break out the milk carton. Remember the “Have you seen _______” or the “Missing” signs on the milk cartons? Nearly everyone consumes milk, no? So let me know… have you seen these gals and fellas at the Grammys?

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston were not nominated, but surely, if the cast of the Jersey Shore snags an invite… well you know.

Chris Brown and Kanye West (and Amber Rose) were absent. Huge shrug here. Reminds me of foolishness like Justin Timberlake hitting up shows after the ‘football fiasco’ and Janet Jackson going AWOL.

MOJ Missing at the Grammys

Did you miss any of them at the Grammys? Did you even watch?

I personally watched it and had an unimpressed shrug to take away from it but watched performance recaps of the BET Awards and kicked myself for missing it.

Your verdict?

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2 thoughts on “I’m With Wendy”

  1. I watched it.
    Beyonce performance was that of her recent concert! lol

    Mariah Carey – Not the same.
    Chris Brown – Would had loved to see him perform then a lot of those other people.
    Kanye – Don't know why he wasn't there. lol


  2. @Rai – I don't follow B's concerts so I didn't know. I def would've loved to see Chris Brown perform. Especially with Lil Wayne or for the Michael Jackson tribute


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