How You Doin’?

MOJ Wendy WilliamsI mentioned my favorite talk show earlier, and I felt the need to expand. Why? Well as a public service announcement for MOJ readers, I feel like y’all should be well versed with Wendy Williams and her Wendy-ism (p.s. this one from the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus is the best I’ve seen so far – woot NYC!).

Some of y’all are newbie fans. Catching up with her successful talk show now (were y’all there for her when she was on in 2008 and then just as quickly disappeared? I was. And I was sad!!). Me? Well my young behind probably didn’t catch her that early either, but I remember her being the only radio show who wouldn’t catch the switch for excessive talking. I would love to hear people call in and tell her she was fabulous.

She’s also painfully honest. How painful? I can still remember when a member from B2K (yeah… y’all remember that?) came in to the radio station for an interview and she was questioning his choice of CZ after he left, even though he had the earnings to purchase a real shiner. I remember I was walking outside of Atlantic Ave Mall that day and I started cracking up out loud. Right up until my cheeks and stomach hurt. Painfully honest.

Let me give you the rest of the deets:

  • She’s a six foot Amazon! Well okay, before there is misinformation out there, I don’t know if she has lineage in the tribe lol, but she’s a tall gal with some sharp curves. Honestly, when I went through fashion design sketch classes, I despised drawing stick thin gals. Mine always had a chest that would probably make their back hurt and some hips for days… Just like Wendy (the drawings had no relation – I just appreciate a curvy woman!).
  • She can rock a wig like no other. And you know how she flips her hair? Not just one finger. She swipes it away with a firm salute.
  • If you’re a celebrity, and y’all are cool, but you mess up? She’ll say so, but she won’t be rude. I can’t stand when hosts hate on people when they mess up and lie through their teeth when the celebrities show up for promotion. 
  • She has a ring on each hand that keep me entertained like a kitty with a ball of yarn throughout the show.
  • MOJ Wendy Williams

  • The woman is an unstoppable force. From her professional to family life, she has gone through her share of battles and stands with her chin up every day. Alphanista said it best when they explained why she is an alpha female.
  • She might just be an amazing actress, but I really think she just has buckets of charisma. Her smile always looks genuine, and her rapport with her audience both in front of her and in front of the tv is second to none. Pink BFLO said it best – we’re already friends in my head.

And guess what? She’s online (and posts her outfits each day), on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Have you had your daily dose of Wendy?

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I’m With Wendy

MOJ Missing at the GrammysI may be a little late to commenting on the Grammys, but watching my evening Wendy update (are you watching the Wendy Williams show with me?) last night, I found that I agreed with her statement.

What was it? Let’s break out the milk carton. Remember the “Have you seen _______” or the “Missing” signs on the milk cartons? Nearly everyone consumes milk, no? So let me know… have you seen these gals and fellas at the Grammys?

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston were not nominated, but surely, if the cast of the Jersey Shore snags an invite… well you know.

Chris Brown and Kanye West (and Amber Rose) were absent. Huge shrug here. Reminds me of foolishness like Justin Timberlake hitting up shows after the ‘football fiasco’ and Janet Jackson going AWOL.

MOJ Missing at the Grammys

Did you miss any of them at the Grammys? Did you even watch?

I personally watched it and had an unimpressed shrug to take away from it but watched performance recaps of the BET Awards and kicked myself for missing it.

Your verdict?

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