Maybe She’s Born With It

MOJ MaybellineOn the heels of going back to school to finish my studies and starting a temporary job, I am strapped for time and most importantly, the internet refuses to let me blog as many times as I wish. Excuse the occasional absence from the yayameister now, I will need a week or so to get my bearings. Also keeping me busy? The MOJ Valentine’s Day guide and New York Fashion Week preparations. Everyone who sent me an e-mail – please be patient. I have not yet had the time to answer each e-mail, but fully intend to do so!

But speaking of New York Fashion Week. The new makeup sponsor, Maybelline, has some snazzy lipsticks out on the market – the Color Sensational group. I took the cue from B at and got some colors to test out. The results? Some I loved instantly, and some grew on me!

MOJ Maybelline

MOJ Maybelline
The first image at the top of the page shows the color payoff with flash. Check out how they look on my skin and without flash:

MOJ Maybelline MOJ Maybelline

Now on the lips.

Without any lip product on:
MyOwnJudge MyOwnJudge

MOJ Maybelline
MOJ Maybelline
Park Ave Peach. This wasn’t as expected but it looks really good on. This is the kind of lipstick you throw in your bag for whenever because it is never out of character for where you are. It’s a neutral with a twist.

MOJ Maybelline

MOJ Maybelline
Pink of Me. I had the most trouble with this one. For some reason I was having a brain fart and my application with the lipstick was a bit terrible (as you can see the weirdness at the top of the lip). This lipstick stains a bit, but once you have it under control (take a q-tip or an eyeshadow sponge applicator and run it around your lip edges to clear mistakes – if you use your fingers, it usually makes the surrounding area red), it’s a cute pink with a hint of subtle magenta in it.

This color has subtle shimmer in it, and when the wear starts coming off it shows better. Definitely a great bright addition to everyday makeup, or a shy gal’s entrance into the world of brights!

MOJ Maybelline

MOJ Maybelline
Madison Mauve. This was my entrance into the world of purple lipsticks. I saw ladies rock it on the red carpet and brands have been responding with more variety. When I first put it on, I didn’t like it. I felt like this was a Nanny Fine’s grandma lipstick. You know? The 80 year old women who walk around with bright lipstick and eyeshadow and a leopard fur coat.

But then I wore it again. And I looked in the mirror again. Honestly? I couldn’t stop looking. The color grew on me and now it’s ultra fabulous. Though not the perfect shade of purple that I had in mind, this is the perfect color to add diversity to my lipstick drawer.

MOJ MaybellineLooking like a mad scientist as I kiss tissues.MOJ Maybelline

You can buy these lipsticks in a plethora of shades at your favorite drugstore. To check for locations and get additional information, click over here for the Maybelline page.

What’s your favorite Maybelline lip product?

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10 thoughts on “Maybe She’s Born With It”

  1. I have Madison Mauve and Red Revival. The red is the BEST red I've worn in a long time. I like the texture of them too. I wish that peach was dark enough for me but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work.


  2. Love this post b/c the pictures absolutely rock. Yeah, I am still head over heels in love with ColorSensational. Madison Mauve is sooooo pretty on you. Hey! Where da red at?


  3. @ Rai – thanks! Some of the colors look really good though, you don't like any?

    @Silver Lips – gracias 🙂

    @DWJ – the peach is a pretty warm tone, you should try it!

    @B – gracias lady! I didn't see an 'original' red and didn't want to double what I felt I had in my lipstick stash

    @Naveen – thanks so much girl!


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