Spring Nails Bloom

MOJ Maybelline Pastel NOTDI remember when having a different color on each nail was a funky mani revolution of a trend not a year or so ago. I never got on the wagon because I could never get the right colors together, and doing a gradation took too much effort on my part (raise your hand if you’re lazy lol). That all changed as soon as I went on my drugstore escapades and found the new spring collections available for mass purchase. I picked up some of the limited edition pastel Maybelline polishes and had a bright idea to use them all at once last night. I will be getting a Calgel makeover within hours, but who cares, right? I have so much polish, I should be wearing different colors every several hours!

I will be swatching these again to show you how they look alone soon. These are the only four colors I got from the collection, there are some variations of pink and an orange that I didn’t get, because… well… I wanted something new, ya know?

As I was taking photos, I realized the perfect background would be my fuzzy pastel-ish bathrobe. This is the garment that keeps me warm and makes a Sunday morning so awesome.

without flash
with flash

I’m totally digging it. How about you? Have you tried something funky with your nails? Liking the Maybelline spring pastels?
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Let’s Catch Up

Maybelline NailsI took a whole week off y’all. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m really not. I haven’t reached this level of exhaustion since I had three jobs and went to school full time. Fashion Week really kicked my butt. More so because it hit right in between starting a new (temporary) job, registering (and attending) for school, and plenty of dates (birthdays, Valentine’s Day, the blizzard!). I felt like not only was I running across the whole tri-state area but I was constantly fighting a cold. Germs? Not I. But it took a toll.

Did I just sit on my butt though? Y’all should know better. Though my nails have been sacrificed in the name of fashion (crazy weeks tend to crack and break nails for some annoying reason), I have a stash of images and reviews for y’all to just go crazy with. I haven’t had a single chance to post them prior to today because as some of you may know through my Twitter rants, I have been under a cloud of poor internet connection (have you ever waited 2 hours to upload 4 photos?). My fashion week coverage? Let’s look at it this way. The shows are for fall and winter, whereas the spring and summer are what we currently care about. So my fashion week posts will come in gradually. The immediate photos and videos brought to you from design houses and news cannot be matched, so I ask (what I like to think) unique questions backstage, and I take my own photos. And soon enough, you’ll see ’em all!

As you may have heard eons ago, Maybelline is the new sponsor of New York Fashion Week. So it’s only fitting for me to tell you that on one of my numerous days of entering discount stores, I found one that was selling out old polish shades. Even eBay got nothing on this! I found the old school mattes and ran home giddy. I wanted to purchase more for giveaways, but there were no doubles!

First installment in my vintage Maybelline NOTD? Matte Stone.

MOJ Maybelline Nails MOJ Maybelline Nails

left image with flash, right image without flash

MOJ Maybelline Nails MOJ Maybelline Nails

with top coat – left image with flash, right image without flash

I really like this color. The way it looks without a topcoat is satin-y, and a bit like a faux leather fabric stretch over your nails. I liked it better with a topcoat because it was a perfect creamy balance between gray and brown. The most amazing thing about this NOTD is that the age of this polish did not affect the color or quality at all. The consistency is great – two coats gave me no trouble with this baby.

Do you have any vintage nail confessions?

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Maybe She’s Born With It

MOJ MaybellineOn the heels of going back to school to finish my studies and starting a temporary job, I am strapped for time and most importantly, the internet refuses to let me blog as many times as I wish. Excuse the occasional absence from the yayameister now, I will need a week or so to get my bearings. Also keeping me busy? The MOJ Valentine’s Day guide and New York Fashion Week preparations. Everyone who sent me an e-mail – please be patient. I have not yet had the time to answer each e-mail, but fully intend to do so!

But speaking of New York Fashion Week. The new makeup sponsor, Maybelline, has some snazzy lipsticks out on the market – the Color Sensational group. I took the cue from B at ClumpsofMascara.com and got some colors to test out. The results? Some I loved instantly, and some grew on me!

MOJ Maybelline

MOJ Maybelline
The first image at the top of the page shows the color payoff with flash. Check out how they look on my skin and without flash:

MOJ Maybelline MOJ Maybelline

Now on the lips.

Without any lip product on:
MyOwnJudge MyOwnJudge

MOJ Maybelline
MOJ Maybelline
Park Ave Peach. This wasn’t as expected but it looks really good on. This is the kind of lipstick you throw in your bag for whenever because it is never out of character for where you are. It’s a neutral with a twist.

MOJ Maybelline

MOJ Maybelline
Pink of Me. I had the most trouble with this one. For some reason I was having a brain fart and my application with the lipstick was a bit terrible (as you can see the weirdness at the top of the lip). This lipstick stains a bit, but once you have it under control (take a q-tip or an eyeshadow sponge applicator and run it around your lip edges to clear mistakes – if you use your fingers, it usually makes the surrounding area red), it’s a cute pink with a hint of subtle magenta in it.

This color has subtle shimmer in it, and when the wear starts coming off it shows better. Definitely a great bright addition to everyday makeup, or a shy gal’s entrance into the world of brights!

MOJ Maybelline

MOJ Maybelline
Madison Mauve. This was my entrance into the world of purple lipsticks. I saw ladies rock it on the red carpet and brands have been responding with more variety. When I first put it on, I didn’t like it. I felt like this was a Nanny Fine’s grandma lipstick. You know? The 80 year old women who walk around with bright lipstick and eyeshadow and a leopard fur coat.

But then I wore it again. And I looked in the mirror again. Honestly? I couldn’t stop looking. The color grew on me and now it’s ultra fabulous. Though not the perfect shade of purple that I had in mind, this is the perfect color to add diversity to my lipstick drawer.

MOJ MaybellineLooking like a mad scientist as I kiss tissues.MOJ Maybelline

You can buy these lipsticks in a plethora of shades at your favorite drugstore. To check for locations and get additional information, click over here for the Maybelline page.

What’s your favorite Maybelline lip product?

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New Giveaway! Good Vibrations

Didn’t I say it’d be giveaway month?

I wasn’t lying y’all. Thank you all who participated in my Chickdowntown.com & Current/Elliott Denim giveaway. The winner will be announced soon. Now is the time to announce a new giveaway though.

Many of you may have heard plenty talk about vibrating mascaras. There are numerous ones out now. We have Estée Lauder TurboLash mascara, Lancôme Oscillation mascara (and now primer as well), and the Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara. One can argue that the SpinLash started the craze – but given my lackluster experience with them, they shall go barely mentioned.

Guess what though? I’m giving one of each away! Four readers will win (one of each) Estée Lauder TurboLash mascara, Lancôme Oscillation mascara, Lancôme Oscillation Powerbooster (primer/conditioner) mascara, and the Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara.


How to enter:

1. Comment on this post that you’d like to win.
2. Let your friends and readers know about MOJ! I will track how many clicks I get from other blogs to mine. Make sure they click over from your page to mine.
3. Subscribe to MOJ by e-mail.

Now I know not everyone has a page/blog/site. So don’t worry yourselves! Two people will win for the most click-referrals (and get first pick at winnings), and two people will win by random pick through comment/subscription.

To recap: One entry – comment on this post. Two entries – comment & subscribe to e-mail feed. And more of a chance to win if you’re promoting MOJ.

Let me know if you have questions!

Contest Entry – Celebrity Smokey Eye

As a last minute entry to Rai’s Celebrity inspired makeup contest, I decided to do a black smokey eye a la Eva Mendes.

the inspiration:

the outcome:

the numerous outtakes:

what I used:

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark as bronzer
MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty (probably my most favorite blush ever)
Lorac Foundation sample (you’d think it wouldn’t last me this long)
Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ in White (as a primer on eyes)
Urban Decay Cream Shadow in Asphalt
Maybelline Professional Natural Lash Clear Mascara
Lancome Oscillating Mascara in Black
Styli-Style Lipstick in 1520 Nude
MAC Lustre Glass in Pinkarat
and all the white-to black shades on the 120 color palette

I used 2 blending brushes, a foundation brush, a medium shadow brush, and a blush brush…

Way Overdue Contest Result!

So Miss B from Clumps of Mascara (love the site!) ran a contest about childhood memories and I was a runner up. My goodie package came in the mail last week and I couldn’t have been more excited. The best part? It had Maybelline Stiletto Lash which I was THIS close to purchasing at CVS and finally exhibited some self restraint. Good thing too!

She wrote DO NOT LEAVE AT DOOR just like I asked! (I live on the first floor and my neighbors can be thieves!)

Maybelline Stiletto Lash Mascara
N.Y.C. Lip Gloss
Revlon Nails
ELF shadow applicators

She had the cutest note card and business card attached. Absolutely made my day.

Review to follow!