Denim x Denim

MOJ Denim Trends?

One of the new trends coming out for the still questionable spring (questionable by the snow flurries outside my window…) is denim squared. The pairing of denim as a bottom with a denim for the top.

Continuously recycled, the trend fades in and out of the spotlight with plenty of ease, especially with the continued popularity of denim overall. Did you go through a period of a denim jacket with perfectly color matched denim jeans when you were a wee lad in school? I remember my denim jacket lasting from elementary school (third grade) all the way through to high school. I might even still have it in my closet. Honestly though, this is a trend I’ve always had difficulty with.

Ever since I was a big girl enough to buy clothes with my hard earned money (as of age 14 thankyouverymuch) I have yet to pull off a denim top and a denim bottom. It feels like either too much or too off for me.

Care to experiment? I like  MyTrueFit‘s post about double denim and the images and tips for pulling it off.

How do you rock your double denim? Are you accepting of this as a spring trend?

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