EOS – Evolution of Smooth

MOJ EOS Lip BalmI have been hearing about EOS lip balm for a while now. The cute packaging, the roundness. Everyone had something to say about it, but I felt a little left out. Not anymore!

After a quick trip to Walgreens, I found a holiday three pack of the buggers still on sale by the counter. The three pack was meant for the winter holidays, but worked for February just fine.

The pack that I purchased had two mint flavors (peppermint and sweetmint – a lot like the Orbit gum!) and a sweet flavor (honeysuckle honeydew – which my mom stole from me). I think the trio I purchased may have had an error as it said that I’d get a summer fruit flavor, but oh well!

MOJ EOS Lip Balm

back packaging

MOJ EOS Lip Balm
There are so many things that I liked about these even before use.

First – the rubberized packaging. Think of a rubber grip cover for your phone. It feels like that but is in a cute round shape.

Second, I already mentioned it – how cute is this miniature roundbottom? If you are a sucker for cute packaging, you won’t get far saying no to this.

Also, I am very much a fan of packaging that screws in instead of just popping off. After numerous a handbag accident where a cosmetic item has decapped itself and then proceeded to soil the contents of my bag, I can really appreciate packaging that requires opposable thumbs to open it.

MOJ EOS Lip Balm
But then of course, we had to open the product for the real review to begin.

All cuteness aside, I was looking for some soft results.

I really liked that the lip balms weren’t pots. That’s the most important part! I remember when I would purchase pots of lip balm and use them much like I use my EOS lip balm now, except after a while, there would be a dip inside, and my pots were retired to only in home use. Having to use your fingers to dip in transfers all kinds of germs and bacteria to your lips (and oftentimes into your mouth as a result), and it also keeps the bacteria in the pot. The aforementioned fact of the balms screwing open helped them stay covered as well.

The one negative that I have with this lip balm is that when your lips are really dry, you cannot just drag the little ball over your lip. It pulls the skin and leads it to crack. When you have dry lips and are using an EOS lip balm, just tap it over your lips till they are hydrated and then drag it all around.

The lip balms sell in drugstores for around $3.29 each. Not bad right?

I was most excited to have a miniature clear cosmetics case from this three pack as well.

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7 thoughts on “EOS – Evolution of Smooth”

  1. I liked this lipbalm! I should see if this is at my Walgreens. I haven't been there lately.

    And Yaya the pink one is Summerfruit! lol
    Sweetmint = Darker Green and Honeysuckle = Lighter Green


  2. These are the cutest thing! I'd like to get my hands on some, but I will have to wait for them to arrive in the Shopper's Drug Mart near my house…


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