Let’s Catch Up

Maybelline NailsI took a whole week off y’all. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m really not. I haven’t reached this level of exhaustion since I had three jobs and went to school full time. Fashion Week really kicked my butt. More so because it hit right in between starting a new (temporary) job, registering (and attending) for school, and plenty of dates (birthdays, Valentine’s Day, the blizzard!). I felt like not only was I running across the whole tri-state area but I was constantly fighting a cold. Germs? Not I. But it took a toll.

Did I just sit on my butt though? Y’all should know better. Though my nails have been sacrificed in the name of fashion (crazy weeks tend to crack and break nails for some annoying reason), I have a stash of images and reviews for y’all to just go crazy with. I haven’t had a single chance to post them prior to today because as some of you may know through my Twitter rants, I have been under a cloud of poor internet connection (have you ever waited 2 hours to upload 4 photos?). My fashion week coverage? Let’s look at it this way. The shows are for fall and winter, whereas the spring and summer are what we currently care about. So my fashion week posts will come in gradually. The immediate photos and videos brought to you from design houses and news cannot be matched, so I ask (what I like to think) unique questions backstage, and I take my own photos. And soon enough, you’ll see ’em all!

As you may have heard eons ago, Maybelline is the new sponsor of New York Fashion Week. So it’s only fitting for me to tell you that on one of my numerous days of entering discount stores, I found one that was selling out old polish shades. Even eBay got nothing on this! I found the old school mattes and ran home giddy. I wanted to purchase more for giveaways, but there were no doubles!

First installment in my vintage Maybelline NOTD? Matte Stone.

MOJ Maybelline Nails MOJ Maybelline Nails

left image with flash, right image without flash

MOJ Maybelline Nails MOJ Maybelline Nails

with top coat – left image with flash, right image without flash

I really like this color. The way it looks without a topcoat is satin-y, and a bit like a faux leather fabric stretch over your nails. I liked it better with a topcoat because it was a perfect creamy balance between gray and brown. The most amazing thing about this NOTD is that the age of this polish did not affect the color or quality at all. The consistency is great – two coats gave me no trouble with this baby.

Do you have any vintage nail confessions?

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