Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out Goodies

MOJ Bath by RileyThe Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out event is coming up (March 9-12) and I wanted to rave about one of the products I came across the last time I was at this event. Bath by Riley is the cutest company I have ever seen. You know the niche market of ladies having all the products they need in a much more ladylike and cutesy way? Think Juicy Couture, Miss Dior, etc.

When I was at the Girl’s Night Out, I came across Hand Candies and fell in love at first sight. Not enough words can describe how cute.

What is it? You probably want to choke me for the build up, but look. Y’all would be short for words too.

MOJ Bath by Riley

Hand Candies are basically little squares of body scrub wrapped as a candy. Take heed in the warning on the website! These look yummy and smell equally so, but they are not for consumption!! They are perfect for trying different flavors without committing to a big bottle of body scrub at a time – and how great is it that there are 40 different flavors of these? Also – these work best with traveling and if you are a stickler for not wanting to dilute your scrub like me. I really hate when my bottles get soaked with running water from the shower as I decide how much scrub I want to use, leave it open etc. The other great side? They are dry little squares, so you really don’t get stuck losing a dollop and staring at the floor of your tub wistfully with sadness deep in your heart.

MOJ Bath by Riley

At the event, all the lucky guys and gals passing the table saw Hand Candies in bowls separated by flavor. At the end of the table there was a big sink where you can sample a hand candy. The sampling was the reason why I bought ten hand candies right away you guys. This scrub is not only a highly effective scrub, but it also contains lotion. My hands were so soft after using the scrub that I kept telling my friend to touch them. She wanted to clobber me, but I wanted more Bath by Riley!

If you make it to Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out (and I would so love to meet you if you do), you won’t be seeing Bath by Riley until later in the year. You can check which events they will be gracing here. I can’t wait to see what brands and products will rock my world in less than a week from now!

Have you tried Bath by Riley? Are you going to Girl’s Night Out?

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2 thoughts on “Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out Goodies”

  1. Hey love! Thanks for the comment (: I actually took the nails off right after I took the pictures, because I can't function properly with nails that long XD I used a cheap drugstore nail glue instead of the one they provided (I think that one is really strong). But the drugstore one is really easy to come off.. I think it was either Kiss or Nailene, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to be able to take the nails off easily (: Sorry I am not too experienced with false nails so I don't know what kind of nail glue works best 😦


  2. Hi Miss Ya Ya:

    That's okay, your nails look gorgeous with or without the nail glue, LOL I really enjoy reading about the woman's fashions, beauty and opinions of your wonderful fans.

    So thank you for sharing that with me. Have a great day and thanks for your reply.

    ((((Love Miss Ya Ya))))

    Mc Huggs 🙂


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