Current Obsession: Georgie Badiel

As I am trying to get together my final posts about Fashion Week, I saw a familiar face repeat across the film (or digital film rather). Georgie Badiel, former Miss Africa (2005 – who knew?!). So I took to the net to check out her portfolio – funny how we can look someone up and know their business without ever exchanging words, eh?

MOJ Georgie Badiel

Well the girl has been busy as hell. Check out her photos from here or NYMag here. The outfit she walked down the runway at the Rick Owens show this past season was my favorite. Plenty of grays on leggings with a billowy top. Gray is the perfect color for any season because it is the perfect medium for any kind of weather, and it can also be darkened with some darker colors, or brightened with some neon, etc. The most popular combination is gray and yellow (and I have some shirts and shoes to attest to that fact).

Now, if any of you were just thinking, ‘Okay Yaya, I know you have a point coming up somewhere in this post‘ then you were correct! I was digging deep into her portfolio and found one image on NYMag from the off the runway photos with Georgie (center) and other models. The colors in this gem? All of them! In many places, purple is a regal color, and yellow can be tinted to resemble gold. Both are pretty fab and they look amazing together. Again – depending on the shade, it can be appropriate for winter or summer and all the seasons in between. But since we’re approaching spring? Check out the fab neutral frock that snuck into the photo! These ladies (at the African Fashion Collective during the February 2009 show) are showing you what spring is all about!

Are these colors appearing in your spring wardrobe?

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