Lady Gaga & Lady B Team Up Again

MOJ Lady Gaga and BeyonceSometimes I have to take a break from blogging y’all. There are three instances for such. One is for rest. There are times when I need 16 hours of sleep to catch up with myself being me. Second? Well, I’ve already admitted being back in school – and judging by the 105 and the 91 I secured, I’d say my occasional breaks are starting to pay off. Third? Well my honey and family are at the top spots – sometimes you have to tune out everything but the people closest and nicest to ya. It keeps your head from going up into the clouds and your mind nimble. Y’all know that right?

So while I’m catching up, let’s make sure everyone has caught up with Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Sure, there’s chitchat about the Fame Monster exhausting herself (which is why she needs to check out my point #1), but the video for Telephone will keep us chatting long enough for her to catch a nap. I’m loving this video for it taking a cue from the Thriller days and turning it into a short film. I’m also loving the way Gaga pokes fun at the rumors of her being a man (check out the video and let me know if you catch that itty tidbit), and while I’m not completely won over for Gaga’s outfit choices, I am loving all the versatility on Lady B. She got some black lipstick, a wonder woman outfit, and she lets an Americana Minx mani (I think…) flash after she lets out a cuss word.

Check out some stills of the video and the video itself, and let me know how ya like it!
P.s. That first image? It’s by DeviantArt artist Yamino, and if I didn’t read as much, I’d swear it was the art for the video. Great job Yamino!

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