Stila doesn’t upset

MOJ Stila Eyeshadow2010 started off with a hell of a bang for many cosmetic companies. Everyone is really trying to do a major overhaul of not just their image, but their product. The consumer (you and I) is getting more and more picky as there is an abundance of choice all around us.

Stila Cosmetics can rely on my customer loyalty because I love their illustrations (okay that’s not the only great thing about them…). I also have several glosses and palettes from them and can verify that the quality is up to par with my standards for a good product. So what happens when a brand I love comes out with a new product? Sure I give them some slack, but mostly I try to approach it as a fresh start. Like I never tried the brand before. Such was the case during my last trip to Sephora. Y’all product junkies ever feel like there is a mandatory amount of visits you are obligated to make to drugstores and places makeup counters? It’s like a bit of an addiction I guess.

I was already aware of the new Jewel Eyeshadow Palette with heavy, release your inner diva glitter, as well as their Jewel Lip Glaze Trio (the consistency makes me think of MAC cremesheen gloss), and I heard the slow growl of desire for the Black Diamond Mascara, but I most definitely missed the memo on the new Eyeshadow Trios. I walked around plenty a Stila counter with a heavy heart as I saw the duo eyeshadow pans empty out with nary a refill. And then… well I could say that I felt like I saw one of those corny lights and an angellic chorus sing once I saw these, but you wouldn’t believe me (even if in my mind it is indeed exactly how it occurred). I had an empty spot in the Makeup Forever palette that I converted into a Stila palette, and I was itching for new shades.

Okay so when I said I started fresh as if I never knew this product, I kind of lied. I actually went into the testing experience expecting it to be fabulous. I wanted the color to be silky like the others from its family. I wanted a high color payoff, and I wanted ease of use. A favorite brand coming out with a new product is actually under more pressure than a new brand when it comes to pleasing Yaya!

I’d say they failed but I refuse to lie again.

The turquoise is a lovely shade that reminds me of mermaids. The black has a metallic sheen to it that makes it perfect for blending with the other two colors. The purple? Very much a duochrome-y shade similar to the polishes that came out for spring.
The sleek new packaging lets you make use of the eyeshadow trio as a ready to go shadow (with three colors… naturally). Then my heart sank again. What about the singles?! What about the palette?! Do not despair. These babies are friendly to us depotter maniacs. Just like Makeup Forever, and Milani, these shadows make the process super easy by adding a hole to the packaging so that you can just use a pin to poke the shadow into freedom. No flames or cutters (or broken shadows) necessary. (See the hole right above the label in the image?)

Proof? I used an earring to poke through the hole and wore the earrings that night. Not even a slight bend to ’em thankyouverymuch!

Finally, the last spot in my palette has been filled!

The labels are a little slimmer, and something tells me the pan is a tiny bit smaller too, but I’m definitely loving the addition to the Stila fam. They are sold for $20 each at Sephora, Stila, and any other place they sell Stila Cosmetics.

Check out all the trio shades:

Try this yet? Have a favorite in mind?

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