Sephora Magnetic Brushes

MOJ - Sephora Magnetic BrushesA while back (and I do mean a while) I mentioned wanting to purchase magnetic brushes. The point is to have the same bottom to the brushes and have the tops interchangeable, and attach to the foundation with a magnet. When I saw a demonstration of these kits, I was hating the fact that it was only for the industry and I was required to buy it for wholesale. I have big dreams and plans, but the wallet is not as accommodating at the moment. I made a last ditch effort and asked the factory’s salesperson (I was at a trade show at the time of said discovery) if there were any retailers that were already on the magnetic wagon. She said yes, but that the retailer only sold a set with three (the other ones had like 12 brushes in the set!). Which retailer? Surprise surprise, she said Sephora!

When I got them in the mail, I felt like a caveman who just discovered fire. (cue the Geico caveman getting upset) The brushes are incredibly soft and the metal brush packaging made me alright with the $38 price for the set. If you think about it, it’s roughly $13 per brush, which is around the same, if not cheaper, than a lot of other company’s makeup brushes on sale.

The shiny croc-like case is super duper cute, and looks sturdy if you’re a klutz with your makeup like I am.

The case comes with stretchy compartments to hold your brushes with a cover to keep ’em safe and a mirror.
The magnets at the bottom of each brush. They kind of make me think of tails. Like on a piglet or a bear. Just me?
The larger part of the brush that can be used for either one of them has a section to fit the brush and an opposite charged magnet.
Lifting the brushes to check their magnetic prowess. How ya feel about floating makeup brushes? 🙂
I really like these brushes. I wasn’t crazy about the price initially but when I broke it down for myself (which I usually have to do because I don’t always have the biggest makeup budget, nor do I have as many needs as I do wants…) it made a lot of sense. Also – these brushes are great for on the go. I like to use these with my MAC blender brush and the double ended brush that comes in the Tarte palette. Now you know the secret!
Check them out on the Sephora site here and let me know how you like them!
What kind of makeup brush do you have/want?

6 thoughts on “Sephora Magnetic Brushes”

  1. hey kayla! they had that at the show i went to, but like i mentioned, it was only for companies and not retail. I will look into it and see if any companies started producing and selling those sets yet. I would love it if they did!


  2. I like the idea, but would get sick of popping on a different head. I'm lazy. I will say, after last year's Makeup Show I fell in love with Crown Brushes. Their prices are FANTASTIC!


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