Kimora Headed to a Screen Near You

MOJ KimoraI spend a lot of my weekends glued to the tv. It’s a release from running to and fro all day every day. Between work, school, errands and catching up, I designate weekends as cutoff days. Cut off from everything but rest and tv. That’s when I convince people to go out to new places (sometimes) or go to the movies (saw Our Family Wedding yesterday), or watch 18 episodes of Law & Order (am I revealing too much? lol). So when I saw the commercial for the new season of Kimora’s Fab Life in the Fast Lane (today was the brand new episode – did you catch it?). You know – she’s got a new man, actually – two. One in the cradle and on in the bed ;). The ladies don’t really outnumber the men in the household by as much, but everyone is just as fabulous nonetheless.

The item of most interest? The balloons in the promo. There are some banner ads online and commercials on tv where the camera pans from top to bottom and shows only the balloons for a bit. The only thing those balloons make me think is of the China Glaze Up and Away nail polish collection.

Click after the jump to see what I’m talking about and to see the Fab Lane promo!

What do you say? I missed the episode in between Law and Order and House episodes because I didn’t realize that the screen shot from Style were saying that the episode was indeed today until I started this post. Apparently, the weekends give me a two day pass to be a bit slow too!

China Glaze polishes are readily sold at Sally Beauty.

Have you ever seen a commercial and it made you immediately think of your favorite products? Which one(s)?
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