Christina is Bionic

MOJ Christina AguileraSometimes I await album covers and photo shoots with more anticipation than product releases. Something about the creativity (or the assumption of such) and craftiness of putting everything together. It also means our favorite artists are coming out with something new, of course.

I have been a fan of Christina Aguilera for a long long time. I have always felt that she had a lot more personality and talent than a lot of other acts that go in and out of the revolving door of fame every fifteen minutes. I was happy for the gal when she got married and had a kid, but I needed her to put out some more music for me! (What anticipations! lol) The girl doesn’t disappoint.

The new photos for her upcoming album Bionic and the first single have been released. I found these images courtesy of digital spy and hotcelebshome.

What do you think?

She has been doing a retro pinup-y look for a while now, and had long hair for her upcoming movie/musical Burlesque. I feel like this is the retro pinup with some attitude. I like it… and you?

How you liking it?

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