New Feature: You Be the Judge!

I have been a little bit under the weather the last few days so I have been staying away from the computer and closer to the Ginger Ale and open windows. It’s not that cool that I feel so odd on the best weather weekend so far, but I have managed to salvage the joy by thinking of a new blog feature for MOJ (I also went bowling on Friday!).

This new feature comes via inspiration from Karen, founder and author of the Makeup and Beauty Blog. Her ‘which one was the best hairdo’ poll is the reason why this one is coming up (click here for an example). To keep up with the theme of the site (see it yet?) You be the Judge will be a variety of photos of a celeb, letting you judge which lipcolor/haircolor/makeup style suits them best.

The inaugural celeb? Hayden Panettiere!

Fess up ladies and gents! You be the Judge, which lipcolor suits the cheerleader best?

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