Soo… Polish?

I have purchased more nail polish than I care to admit but am sad to say that you won’t be seing it for a really long time.See… what happened was Yaya was trying to experiment in the kitchen. Everything was going swell until the potato peeler made contact with my nail and sliced straight into my finger under it. Sounds pretty terrible, right? It was pretty awful. I tried to keep my nail as it was but it kept splitting into two halves and that was not cute at all. Just reading about it sucks, eh?

So while the time passes for my nails to grow (I had to chop them all down to as short as possible so that they’d grow at the same pace), check out the NOTDs I managed to photograph before my accident.

This brand, Soo was found in a beauty supply store in Brooklyn. The polish is pretty thick and the photo on the left with flash how the color looks in sunlight and the photo without flash on the right is how the polish looks indoors. It’s super creamy and pigmented and costs… wait for it… $1.99. I snagged some other colors, but of course that will all have to wait.

I tried my best to find the polish company online but see no website and barely any mention. The color pictured is called Court. I will try to find out some more info for ya and let you know!

Any new polish colors in your life? (or nail disaster stories?)

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