Inset Lace Here

That’s not a typo y’all. My constant obsession is the peekaboo lace surprise in nearly all items of clothing.

As I grow older, I am trying to stay away from the obvious simple lace back of a shirt and look for more original variations of the style. A peek of shoulder, rib (lower… 😉 let’s not be too risque yet), etc.

There’s something about how gentle the designs of lace are, especially in a tightly knit garment, and the little sliver of skin it displays is also nothing to turn your nose up about.

Pops of lace are also great for layering and showing some color. It’s awesome to see a black sweater with neon colors peeking out of the lace inset, no?

I took a quick look around the net for some affordable and fresh versions of my favorite go-to garment and hope y’all enjoy it.

Do you have a favorite?

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