Inset Lace Here

That’s not a typo y’all. My constant obsession is the peekaboo lace surprise in nearly all items of clothing.

As I grow older, I am trying to stay away from the obvious simple lace back of a shirt and look for more original variations of the style. A peek of shoulder, rib (lower… 😉 let’s not be too risque yet), etc.

There’s something about how gentle the designs of lace are, especially in a tightly knit garment, and the little sliver of skin it displays is also nothing to turn your nose up about.

Pops of lace are also great for layering and showing some color. It’s awesome to see a black sweater with neon colors peeking out of the lace inset, no?

I took a quick look around the net for some affordable and fresh versions of my favorite go-to garment and hope y’all enjoy it.

Do you have a favorite?

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Search & Win

Lacing Thoughts

To continue the play on words, and to offer an unusual (even if I say so myself) take on my post about lace, I have compiled a series of images of laces made in not so ordinary mediums.


Photo Credits: Lace fence –; Cake –; Lace tape –; Lace map, shovel, pedestrian crossing –; Chanel Lace sunglasses – Latimes; Lace dish –;

What say you about these? Surprised? I was about almost every one!

Lacing Hearts

What is a monopoly?

In economics, a monopoly (from Greek monos , alone or single + polein , to sell) exists when a specific individual or an enterprise has sufficient control over a particular product/service to determine the terms on which other individuals have access to it.[1] Monopolies are thus characterized by a lack of economic competition for the good/service that they provide and a lack of viable substitute goods. [definition via Wikipedia]

and in more layman’s terms:

A situation in which a single company owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service. [via]

In the court of MOJ – there are certain unregulated and unobjected (I make up words all the time people) monopolies that can coexist in a world of competition. These come in various shapes and forms; those being trends, brands, styles, etc.

Trend on trial today: lace.

Lace, available for over 500 years (and probably longer) has maintained its status as a trend and go to fabric/design. It lays itself to tantalizing seduction via lingerie and trimming on otherwise demure (or not so much) clothing, and extends its reach even further to accessories, and beyond.

The English origin of the word lace owes something to the French lassis or lacis, but both are connected with the earlier Latin laqueus. Early French laces were also called passements; the name applied to ornamental open work formed of threads of flax, cotton, silk, gold or silver, and occasionally of mohair or aloe fiber, looped or plaited or twisted together by hand: (1) with a needle, when the work is distinctively known as needlepoint lace ; (2) with bobbins, pins and a pillow or cushion, when the work is known as pillow lace ; and (3) by steam-driven machinery, when imitations of both needlepoint and pillow laces are produced. Lace making implies the production of ornament and fabric concurrently. Without a pattern or design the fabric of lace cannot be made. [via this site here]
lace types (left to right – types 1-3)
click on image to go to source & for more detail

Lace is a trend enjoyed yearlong. There is not a season that can accuse it as inappropriate. It is such a versatile fabric that it can be used to convey innocence or obscene naughtiness, and at all times remain delicate.

And though yours truly may possibly have more than enough of clothing, I can never say I have enough accessories or shoes. With that said. Here’s what got my heart lacing. (get it? …)

[left] Elizabeth & James lace/leather pump @Saks $350
[right] Heidi Lace shoes by Georgina Goodman a la Polyvore

[left] Givenchy Schuhe lace bootie a la Polyvore
[right]Prada lace bowler a la Polyvore

What is your verdict on lace?