Armour Lip Gloss

MyOwnJudge Armour Lip GlossTell me when you have a single day of not needing a lip gloss. No go ahead, tell me… I’ll wait. If there are in fact days that I can’t make it for long without my lip gloss, ipod, or cell phone – I feel naked without these! How sad!

If my bag doesn’t have lip products, my money inevitably gets spent on something new. Most of the time it’s on a cheap filler product and other times on a great newbie. The case with this Armour Beauty lipgloss was neither. I was at The Makeup Show (and going to the show, you can surely expect to spend money before you leave) and met the folks behind the company. They had a quaint setup for the product, and the packaging is pretty smooth too. I invested in a single gloss and promised to do a thorough review. 

The first major win for me was the packaging. I love a good packaged product y’all. If you’re a regular reader on MOJ, you will know this to be a fact. Great packaging is the way into my wallet and heart!
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
Want to know more about the brand? Check out the info from their ‘About’ page:
Armour Lip Gloss
p.s. I’m still figuring out the coding for this darn setup, so instead of having a ‘continue reading’ link, please click on the post title to read the rest! If you know the answer to my dilemma, I’d love to hear it!

MyOwnJudge Armour Lip GlossMyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
The color of choice? Dreaming. I always try to get a shimmery gold tone gloss when I try out lip products. Why? Well, the color is generally a pleasing color to look at on everyone. No matter the skin tone, outfit, makeup, etc. The other reason, equally important, is that this shade is the favorite for Mama Yaya. She is the sole benefactor of the goodies that run through my credit card statements, so I try to purchase the ones she won’t roll her eyes at (unless they’re neons and purples – that’s all for me).
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
The ingredient list
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
Though the packaging was snazzy looking, the solid glass (or really tough plastic?) made it seem like I’d be losing out on a lot of quality gloss when it came down to the last ounces. I’d have to find out if it’s microwavable, because then we’d be talking. Another downer? The sponge tip applicator. Brushes and plastic wedge tips work best for not sucking up your product, as well as keeping it minimal on the bacteria end.
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
Left image is without gloss and right is with. The left came out a bit blurry, but I didn’t pick up on it until the gloss was on and ready for a close up.

Despite all the cons of the gloss, it is very effective. Being that I bought a shimmer gloss (check out the shimmer and opaque varieties here), I can’t talk much about the color – this baby is clear. The shimmer packs a punch though! It does not, and I mean not budge. Unlike other glosses, this one does not leave you with a glitter mustache. All the goods stay right on the kisser!

The consistency is a bit stickier than I expected, but it’s not a nuisance. The best part of it all was how long the gloss lasted past my drinking iced tea straight from the bottle, munching on snacks, talking, etc. I’d say it stayed on for over three hours, and started to fade after that, though the shimmer stayed for a good five to six.

The glosses retail for $19 so it’s not necessarily perfect for an impulse, ‘forgot my regular gloss’ purchase. You know, unless you got it like that. If you’re looking for a ‘by my side forevermore’ gloss though, I’d suggest you take the gamble.

What gloss is rocking your socks?

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