PurpleLab NYC has Your Lip Luvah

MyOwnJudge - PurpleLab LuvahWhen companies create beauty products, there are a lot of factors that go into the creative process. The color, consistency, and look are one thing, but what about the scent and the flavor? Does it have sunscreen in it, or maybe a plumper, how about pheromones and aphrodisiacs? Maybe mint to freshen the wearer’s breath, or should it last longer than the 9-5 and act as a stain? Most of the time, the wrong combo is created and you have a great looking product on paper that smells like animal musk (not in a good way) and sticks to your hair in the wind and your teeth at all other times, and then of course, companies get it right.

Purple Lab‘s Luvah is “… laced with aphrodesiacs, Complex OO (two plumpers), ylang-ylang, and a kissable vanilla/mint fragrance. There are two shades, named after all the types of guys there are to date! Mama’s Boy (rich nude) and Rich Jerk (a pop of berry).” (source)
MyOwnJudge - PurpleLab Luvah
The compact comes with two colors, a brush applicator, a mirror with the cutest SWAK (Sealed With A Kiss) accent, and the packaging is purple! Not sold?

My favorite feature of the duo is how thick it is. Not on the lips, only on application. I was a bit lazy and used my finger to apply instead of the brush, and was surprised at how little I scooped up with my finger dip. Usually, products like these let my finger dip all the way down to the pan and I end up wasting my money at lightning speed.
MyOwnJudge - PurpleLab Luvah

The stain is a bit lighter than the gloss. The gloss is packed with plenty of shimmer. As mentioned previously, the gloss isn’t uber thick, and is of a comfortable consistency. This has no goopy application that I dread from some of my previous purchases, and won’t hold onto your hair should the wind send it that way.

My favorite part of this gloss is that it smells like a great candy. I don’t think I’ve had anything that is similar to the smell, so I can only call it candy.

I’d recommend purchasing this gloss for the variety of lip looks – a subtle lip stain, a gloss, or if used together, a “3D” lip. The best pro for this compact is the purple packaging. You won’t ever miss the purple square in your handbag, and thus, you’ll always have your Luvah handy!

What’s your lip love?

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