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MyOwnJudge - VS Beauty Rush GlossShimmer is the number one ingredient to the holidays. From gifts to decorations, beauty products to ornaments, it all looks better when it sparkles just a little bit more than usual.

Gloss with shimmer is always complimentary to the wearer as it does many things. First, it makes almost any color settle on the wearer as a correct match. It’s ability to reflect light calls for attention, but also magnifies the lips a bit. Some glosses are also created with flavoring, so as to provide a pleasant scent and taste (whether on purpose or accidental – we won’t discuss). The new colors added to the Beauty Rush line up are all full of sparkling goodness. Here are the ones I got:MyOwnJudge - VS Beauty Rush GlossThe names all have sweet or practical holiday item names with a twist – do you see candy cane turning into Dandy Cane? What about Hottie Cider?MyOwnJudge - VS Beauty Rush GlossThe colors are all lightweight and sheer with a slight color tint when applied.MyOwnJudge - VS Beauty Rush Gloss

Do you have a gloss with shimmer?

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