The Body Shop DeoDry Deodorant

MyOwnJudgeEver since one company put aluminum in their deodorant to keep the perspiration at bay as equally as the odor, all companies followed. Every drugstore or supermarket search ends up with far too many ingredient reads and only one find (check the options at your nearest Target or drugstore and tell me that Old Spice isn’t the only brand without the ingredient). But what to do if you don’t want the masculine scent and less of the aluminum?

Until fairly recently, you would have to seek out an organic body products store or hit the net (Tom’s of Maine is a popular pick) for a lengthy search. A lot of the times, the brand doesn’t even mention aluminum contents until you flip to the ingredient list.
MyOwnJudgeWhen Shecky’s Beauty Night Out came around town, one of the vendors was The Body Shop. They showcased some new scents for lotions and body washes, but what really caught my eye was the aloe vera deodorant.
From the site:
Best if you want to: Stay dry with a stick deodorant that works in a more natural, yet effective way. Enjoy effective 24-hour odor protection with our unique blend of volcanic minerals and refreshing essential oils with a cool, breezy scent. Contains no aluminum salts or parabens!

Best for: all skin types
How it works:
* Community Trade aloe vera from Guatemala is renowned for its incredible soothing, hydrating and moisturizing properties — perfect for sensitive skin.
* Community Trade alcohol is made from alcohol which comes from the organic sugar cane farmers of the CADO cooperative in Ecuador.
* A unique volcanic mineral absorbs moisture to help keep you dry.MyOwnJudgeThis deodorant retails for a bit more than your regular drugstore brand at $8.00 but is worth the trouble if you’re an ingredient buff (or amateur like me).

After using the deodorant daily, I found that it holds up well to any fabric and any length of wear. It even is very resistant to creating white stains if you apply it before getting dressed (a no no – wait till your shirt is on and slip your deodorant in afterward!). The only vice is the choices of scents it comes in. I chose the Chilled and Breeze, but all of the scents are pretty strong. I would like a cucumber melon-like fresh scent or an unscented addition to the line.

What do you swipe on your pits?

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