Sequin Scandal NOTD


Nanette Lepore at ShopStyle

The recent collection by Sally Hansen has been hard to track down at drugstores. The locations that keep up with the newer stuff often have empty displays from the stampedes of customers grabbing up the goods, and the so so stores are either still behind, or going empty and refusing to reorder.

With that said, I was surprised to come across Sequin Scandal when I wasn’t looking for it at all. The dark olive green has golden shimmer in it and is a pleasure to look at. It gave me a little trouble when trying to capture on camera (Beauty Judy‘s third shot of the color is too great), hiding it’s glory in the shadows.

This is a great party and holiday color, match it to an identically colored mini (sequins or not), a dark color, or a cream. Keep in mind though, that darker colors have a tendency to stain the cuticle area, thus making it a color you should sit down to apply, instead of swiping on the go.MyOwnJudgeThe color can veer on a little dark, but is very complimentary to any skin tone and does not get easily confused for a black (whereas a lot of other colors, like navy, and dark violet do).

What’s on your nails?

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