Just Heavenly

MyOwnJudgeRecently, I’ve been visiting the nearest Victoria’s Secret stores as if it was a drugstore. Their Beauty Rush products have greatly improved from the plain gloss they had before (remember the shimmer glosses – or the Denimania shadows?) and they revamped the Very Sexy makeup line (my favorite are the lipsticks). They introduced the Pro color line with foundations, and lip scrubs (another favorite).

Each time I passed through the rotating doors, I couldn’t get to the register with my coupon for a free panty (it’s like Christmas when they come in the mail) without grabbing an additional purchase.

One of those days, I was given a sample of the Heavenly Stardust perfume. After sniffing the scent so often that the smell evaporated (or fell? How would you call it?), I had no other option, but to go back and get a full bottle.

It smells like cocoa butter, brown sugar, and the original Heavenly scent all mixed together. A warm and cozy, yet sensual scent perfect for spritzing under a turtleneck or a scarf (p.s. spray a couple of extra drops of perfume on your scarf to have it circle around you all day – especially if you are in a big city and come across areas that don’t smell so nice sometimes). Perfect for the holidays. It’s also a limited edition (make it permanent!), so make up your minds quick.

Have you tried it?

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