All That Glitters

MyOwnJudgeFollowing a self imposed no buy diet for the first half of the new year, was the discovery of a handful boxful of products I have yet to photograph or review. And here I was worried the diet would affect the posts!

Some new polishes to add to the roster are the Milani One Coat Glitters. The polishes are super dense and undeniable pigmented.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeI used two coats to create an even layer on my nails and was blown away. The glitters are the best glitters I have seen so far, and are a great balance of grainy, glitter, and pigment saturation. The polish is also not watery and wishy washy like a lot of glitters can get – there is no such thing as one coat and it’s still see through with these bad boys. The only exception is the rainbow confetti polish – but that’s not really a color if you think about it. The colors are so saturated that even applying a top coat is pointless after five seconds – the polish swallows up the shine.MyOwnJudgePretty!MyOwnJudgeI tried to do some shots to show the different looks of the confetti polish, with one coat on the left and a progression of sorts towards the right. Also fun to see the shapes and colors mix in, but unfortunately, I’d have to say this was the least favorite of the three.

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