Daily Shine

MyOwnJudgePreaching about hair and skin being similar and their neverending thirst is not enough. You have to practice what you preach as well. Depending on how far into your non-washing schedule you’re in will direct what kind of product you can put in your hair. For example, one or two days into the schedule, you can get away with nearly any product. When you start getting to four to five days, you need to start skipping on products that don’t contribute to moisturizing your strands. At this point, creams are less optimal than oil-like products, because dry strands just make it disappear. MyOwnJudgeEnter into the courtroom: Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum. MyOwnJudgeThe product promises shine and more than 50% of a decrease in frizz on both wet and dry hair. Dry hair? I’ll take that challenge! MyOwnJudgeThe bottle nozzle is small, perfect for spot application on split ends and whatever parts of your hair need the juice. Also – it’s much easier to apply with the smaller opening than twist tops (who thinks of those kinds of openings with such a small bottle?!). MyOwnJudgeAfter about two pumps of product applied to the bottom half of my hair, I checked my before and after shots. From far it may not be obvious, but with lengthy experience with my hair, I can explain. Look at the middle to bottom part of the hair in the before shot – see the dullness in color and dryness? See how it looks like it took a vitamin shot in the after picture?

How do you moisturize your hair?

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