Really – It’s all Good…

PhotobucketAs y’all take a peek at the calendar date and the last time I posted, I’m sure many are sitting there giving me a side eye. Almost a week y’all. That’s how long I took time off from blogging and even scheduling any posts because I felt like first thing’s first. No internet for me.

I spent the days enjoying my birthday week (as I like to call it) meeting with people and sometimes just napping the day away. Maybe it’s that I was tired, but really – I was trying to catch back up to the things in life you can never get back. Time with friends, enjoying the moments as they come, and letting your body do what’s natural.

Now, I’m also a junkie for events and places that are all about expanding my box of memories and my mind. I’ll always look for new places to go and check out, and this week was no different.

As part of the UrbanWorld Film Festival in New York City, I got to see the premiere of Good Hair (and Mississippi Damned – but that’s another story). I loved it to strands [ 🙂 ] just so you know.

The movie comes out October 9, 2009 in select theaters and on October 23, 2009 nationally. I can’t recommend this movie to everyone enough.

Chris Rock did a great job addressing hair and more specifically “bad vs. good hair” and how a lot of people viewed it. Most of the world views the “European” straight and sleek look as the constant optimum.

While I am the first person to say do what makes you feel good, I would love to see more people embracing their natural them and realize that good hair only means “well taken care of.” Bad hair to me is the same as bad skin, or bad anything really- if it’s left alone, uncared for, & unaddressed, what do you expect?

What do you consider good hair?

Check out the trailer below, and the movie when it comes out for yourself!

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