In Case You Need A Reason to Shop…

If you find yourself unable to resist the urge to swipe some plastic for any (or all…) of the upcoming sales, make sure to use a coupon code or two while you’re at it. Click on the images to be redirected to the respective sites. Sales away!

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Shopbop Friends and Family

MyOwnJudge - Shopbop sale

Enjoy while you can (click image or link). The winner from the Shopbop contest will be announced on Monday.

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It’s My B-day, I’ll Giveaway a Shopbop Gift Card if I Want To!

Shopbop Giveaway
Hey y’all! Today is my birthday! I’m planning on having a dinner with family on Friday and party with friends on Saturday, but today – today is all about you! Today I’ll be starting off my $100 gift card giveaway. Shoot, I even made an image from scratch (minus the background). Are ya proud of me?!

The gift card will be perfect for back to school and goodbye summer/hello fall shopping. You can stock up on the back in trend flare jeans or the still trendy denim leggings. On a denim diet? Even denim brands like Paige Denim are fully stocked with non-denim items like cargo pants, skirts, and more.

If you need ideas for what your card will be buying up, check out the Shoptalk blog on for ideas and copy a look from their latest shoot!

To enter (only one entry per person):
1. Subscribe to (by RSS or e-mail subscription).
2. Leave a comment about what you would buy with the gift card (and the username you are subscribed under).

One (1) winner will be chosen on October 4, 2010. Good luck!

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I found it!

Remember when I fell in love with a certain someone’s certain bootie? Well, I think I found it! After searching everywhere, I located it at Shopbop. After that, I found all the variations and prices (or almost all) on the web.

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ShopBop Interviews Current/Elliott

Remember my Current/Elliott giveaway? You still have time to enter it!

Serendipity must be the word of the month, as posted an interview with the founders of the denim company. Here is a snippet of the interview, and click here to see the rest!

SB:We’ve read that you’re both big fans of vintage jeans, and that you launched Current/Elliott (in part) to recreate your favorite styles from the past. But clearly your line is much more than a trip down (denim) memory lane: how do you find that balance of innovation and nostalgia in your designs?
C/E: The wonderful part about vintage is that it is absolutely limitless! We always look to history for inspiration, but challenge ourselves to make everything relevant, comfortable, and flattering. We rely on our fashion instinct to understand what proportions, fabrics, and details are needed in the marketplace and then magic!…our favorite pieces!

SB: Your label can be credited with bringing the boyfriend jean to prominence. When did you start to understand you had a huge hit on your hands? Why do you think women responded so strongly to this new silhouette?
C/E: We have been wearing the boyfriend jean for as long as we can remember! We love it! A looser, more relaxed fit always has a home in every woman’s closet: it is a timeless denim must-have. We think everyone was craving this easy, worn silhouette as a departure from a sea of tight, dark denim. It perfectly complements the kind of tops and shoes women are loving right now.

Unlike the va-va-voom appeal of a painted-on skinny, your styles have more of an unstudied sexiness. Did you set out to change the direction of denim with your relaxed, boyish fits?
C/E: We just knew it didn’t exist! We think sexy IS effortlessness. Denim is best when it’s comfortable and worn with ease. Our fits are inspired by vintage and menswear bodies, mixed with our secret design methods that make women look and feel fantastic.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway here!