There is No New Black

MyOwnJudgeAlmost every ‘it’ color has experienced a period of time when it was proclaimed to be the new black. Bright hues, duller variations, everything has had it’s day, but black? Black is an everlasting constant. No matter when and where someone may announce a color as the new black, black itself never loses it’s place or recognition.

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As fall is rapidly threatening to transform into winter any day now, the flimsy bright fabrics that were a summer staple flap in the wind as the temperatures drop. Longer sleeves and sturdier fabrics like wool are warranted. The lucky fashionistas closer to the equator probably don’t ever have to worry about significant drops, but closets feel it universally.

When the weather switches, collections often take a turn to darker tones for fabrics. Black is frowned upon in the summer because of it’s propensity to attract sunlight and thus, heat, but in the colder months, well – that’s optimal! But how do you stand out in a sea of black pantsuits and dresses? It’s all in the details. Whether you want an architectural twist with sharp angles and nips in unexpected places (see Kourtney above, or Eva below), or you’re more of a shine girl with belts and sequins (Khloe, Kim, Olivia), the standout feature is the detail on the outfit. The contrast of one detail to the other is what draws the eye to the outfit (and the pretty face rockin’ it!). If your outfit lacks details, but is warm and/or slimming (as black garments often are), make up for it with some killer accessories.MyOwnJudgeEva Longoria-Parker was showing some serious leg at the European MTV Awards, while the Kardashian sisters battled the chilly weather in New York for the launch of their Northeast Dash addition.

Both divas adhered to the rule of showing skin on one half of the body and covering up the opposite, but with a twist. The dresses have peekaboo backs, with sheer insets. The best about baring so much leg is the elongated effect you have when pairing the short length with sky high heels. You could even take a page from Eva‘s book and add some serious gold shimmer or a bronzer to the front of your legs for even more attention and definition.

With that said, I’d like to know who rocked the black mini dress better. Was it Eva with the satin shine and updo or Kim with the sequin number and casual long locks (even longer than usual, too!)?MyOwnJudgeA closer look at the makeup. The two rocked similar looks, though Eva‘s contains more gold in the powder and the gloss, whereas Kim‘s has more of a peach undertone on the cheeks. The lashes are also different, with Kim rocking her signature all over, extra lash.

Who wins in your book; Eva or Kim?

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Lakers Wives

The newest addition to the Lakers wife club is R&B singer Monica. She will be joining Mrs. Odom, Mrs. Bryant, and many others with the regal purple and gold star team as the future Mrs.Brown, accepting Shannon Brown’s engagement request.

Seems like the team is marrying a player at a time, as the Odom couple just celebrated their one year anniversary earlier this month.

Do you think she makes a good addition to the team?

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White Herve – LG of the Jury

MyOwnJudge - Rihanna Khlow Kardashian
Herve Leger is a brand synonymous for bandage dresses, starlets, and every it name you can imagine. The dress shape and tightness has been replicated but never duplicated, and thus we still drool over every new style with each season.

Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian wore the Fall 2010 white dress with lace up details recently to display their love to the brand (and their curves). Riri wore the style out to celebrate Katy Perry’s upcoming nuptials, whereas Khloe wore it to celebrate her anniversary celebrations. Funny that the color worked into the wedding theme unwittingly (or was it?).

Bring out the scorebooks my dear Ladies and Gents of the Jury. Who did it best?

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I’d Rather Him Naked…

MOJ Takes it Up with PETAPETA always gets a bit more attention this time of year for the mere fact that the colder weather brings out fur coats and other attire that they don’t necessarily approve of. Are you familiar with the group? I am, but barely. The organization fights for the ethical treatment of animals. Everyone has probably heard their mention from anything like hearing Pamela Anderson speak to the ads they post up. Who can forget the paint throwing incidents on fur wearers?, being born in Uzbekistan (formerly part of the Soviet Union), I have worn a fur coat or two to make up for the frigid weather that seeps through the winter months. I don’t know if I can take the no fur approach being that I wear leather as well, but I do support ethical treatment of animals. For example: if a cow is on a farm and is going to be killed for meat, I don’t see anything wrong with also using the hide for garments/etc. but only if it’s done humanely. But I digress.

As people start to buzz about the ads popping up in the US capitol, of a famed first lady in ads, I am stuck on something else. I have been seeing plenty a female pop up in the ‘Rather Go Naked…Than Wear Fur’ ads, but nary a naked man. The closest? The recent shoot with R&B singer Mario where he shows off his tattoos to ‘make ink and not mink’. Here’s the problem: he’s wearing pants.

Check out the photos after the jump. There is a poll embedded in this post, won’t you please visit the original to vote?

MOJ Takes Up with PETA
Khloe Kardashian

MOJ Takes Up with PETA
Christian Serratos

MOJ Takes Up with PETA
Danity Kane

It might be a different campaign, but still. If females care enough to shed clothes, males should too. Especially good looking ones. Otherwise I might just have to get angry with the organization for being a bit sexist. Or do you think people (males and females alike) would rather ogle a female nekkid body than a male’s?

Check out the PETA main page for the ‘Rather Go Naked‘ campaign and to find out more about the organization here.

What do you think? About fur? About the campaign? Let me know!

Poll: Fur Free or Fur Fabulous?

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