Breakups to Makeup

img_0876Over the last couple of years there has been an influx of sassy phrases appearing on makeup bags. The bag that originally sparked my interest was the ‘Losing You‘ makeup clutch (it’s sold out. Sorry?). The phrase was on a canvas bag (also a trendy swoon component) and said ‘losing you hurt but losing my makeup bag would be a tragedy.’ Humor and sass to compensate the feels for the win.

Breakups to Makeup (B2M) was created by makeup artist Angelique Velez.

 “As makeup artists, makeup is our form of art, it is our outlet and release.  No matter what we are going through in life it’s the reason why we get out of bed.  Makeup is a true form of art that let’s us not only express ourselves, but also makes others happy,” says Angelique. Personally, going through a difficult time in my own life (ahem, a breakup), makeup literally saved me and served as my outlet to devote my time and energy.  Many people don’t understand how powerful makeup truly is and I wanted to spread that message in a quirky yet enlightening way, hence the birth of B2M!” source

I’m not going to say outright that B2M was the trailblazer for makeup pouches with sassy phrases on ’em. I’m sure that from the moment T-shirts had phrases on them people started printing words and phrases on anything, that a makeup pouch was free game, but in my little bubble, B2M felt like it snowballed it into a viral item and now I see them everywhere. Continue reading “Breakups to Makeup”

Lipstick Organization

Forgive me the length of time it took to gather myself mentally and health-wise, but that is one of the downsides of being the sole person behind a site – there is no one to pick up slack on off days. My cold is all gone, and I’m back in business!MyOwnJudgeI’ve been a bit obsessed recently with an image from the past. Backstage at the Spring/Summer 2011 Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Argentina Group Show, I saw a makeup artist organize their lipsticks in a small palette reminiscent of an empty nail tip box, or paint palette without dividers.

The ease of use coupled with the aesthetic greatness had me reeling ever since. I wanted the same for myself, but with more dividers between each color, to prevent losing it after mixing colors at the edges too often. I haven’t had luck – even with bead organizers, the containers are too tall or too wide, and end up being more bulky than comfortable, which was one of the original goals. My search is ongoing for that perfect product, but the search did find other clever ways to organize though.

You can:
Melt your lipsticks down into small containers and store them in VHS boxes (video)
Make an organizer for the actual lipsticks(video 1 video 2)
Melt into an empty lip palette (video)
You can even use a shotgun shell container (interesting!)
Add tabs to the front of lipsticks and swatch (genius!)
Or… into small jars (video)
MyOwnJudgeAnother shot from backstage at the show, this time with skincare. This is much more easier to accomplish – just get a palette and smush cream products in.

I’m still holding out for that perfect container. Until then, share your experience, how do you organize lip products?

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Search & Win

Z Palette Review

PhotobucketI’m on a roll with these reviews y’all. Sooner or later (maybe before 2010 rounds the corner!) I will be up to date with all the posts I owe you!

I have been itchin’ to review the Z Palette for a while now. It’s a simple thing really, a magnetized case for your loose pans, etc. I finally got to purchase one while at the Artist Summit in Miami, and I haven’t regretted the decision!

From the site:

This exclusive custom palette is perfect for display and color comparison. Its outstanding sleek and clean design offers an open magnetic base to fit any size eye shadow, blush, bronzer, or even foundation! So you can keep all your favorites from all different makeup brands in one place. The compact finish is made of a high quality matte paper, which is easy to clean and is 70% recyclable. Best of all with its clear window you can see exactly what’s inside! Replace colors as often as you would like to your preference.

Here’s how many I got to fit into the sucker:

I tried to put in as many different brands and shapes as I could. Of course I remembered others once I took the photos, but I refuse to do any more takes!

It’s not that big either, a bit bigger than the MAC 15 well palette, and just as thin:

The large palettes are $20 and the small (see bottom left below) are $14.

The pros:

  • All orders made on the site are with free shipping to US orders! (They sell magnet squares too).
  • The cover lets you see through to what you have inside your palette (especially great for makeup artists).
  • The cover is attached to the palette – no more oopsie I dropped all my palette and now it looks like the dunes of rainbow dune on the floor!
  • You can organize different shaped pans into the palette & fill the little nooks with smaller pans.

The cons:
I honestly can’t see one. I had a minor concern early on about the dust pileup of when you use the shadows (in between the pans), but you can just blow lightly to clear it, or use a compressed duster can (like for keyboards).

And now they come in pink and zebra print! No more getting stickers and sitting down for arts and crafts to give your Z Palette character!

PhotobucketThey made me want to make wiiild and craaazzy shapes in Paint (so sue me!).

Check them out on Twitter & tell ’em yaya sent ya!

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