Clear Skin on All Sides: Dermalogica Tips for Clear Back

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One of the main components of summer is the amount of bare skin exposed to the world. It’s as if there is a worldwide contest raging on and every day a new competitor enters the race.

Because of my body shape, I have to bow out of the competition – for example, the use of dresses or skirts need to have an appropriate use of shorts – not just to make sure boys won’t look up for a nice view from the bottom of a staircase or in case I get stuck over a subway grate, but because my anatomy creates too much friction (and then too much whining about pain from me) to live peacefully without the presence of shorts or shapewear. Yet and still, as the skin showoff competition in the world goes on in the leg sector without my participation, the back is fair game.

Summer has it’s negative sides too though. It is not until this season and worldwide competition is silently notifying every boy and girl in this world, do people notice that after months and months of rigorous attention to their skin on the front, their back is in need of attention. Bacne is rearing it’s ugly head.

I find that bacne occurs after excessive sweating – for example, everyday is regularly a hot day for me. Between having my laptop warm up my lap (even on a cooling lap tray), the clothing I need to wear inside and outside to be decent, and the general warmth in the air, there is plenty sweat that makes its way down my back. Sometimes (okay lots of times) I’m even guilty of scratching my back against corners and doors to remove a nagging itch from my life. The sweat buildup, constant contact with clothing, and possible scratching irritates the skin on your back and may lead to acne.

The tie for first place agitator of bacne in my life is hair. My hair requires numerous products, starting from leave in conditioner, to gels, mousses, oils, and hair sprays. On the days that I don’t wash my hair, I still use products. The products then transfer onto your skin by two ways – letting your hair down, or again, sweating. That’s when you get a nagging pimple at the nape of your neck and the start of a throbbing pain in your temple.

Check out some tips to prevent and handle bacne from Annet King, Director of Global Education of The International Dermal Institute (founded by Jane Wurwand – also founder of Dermalogica skincare).

  • Cleansing: Be sure to use a soap and fragrance-free anti-bacterial cleansing wash. Many people over-cleanse the skin with harsh soaps and use vigorous scrubbing tools and products. The use of Alkaline-based surfactants or soaps not only rob skin of moisture, but also provide a bacteria-loving environment.
  • Toning: Spritz with an oil and bacteria controlling toner. Many bacne sufferers will try mentholated and alcohol astringents which provide a cooling sensation on their skin, however in most cases these are S.D.-Alcohol based, which strips the skin of lipids, causing the skin to over-produce oil.
  • Exfoliate gently: Many people use Loofahs and brushes to try and rid the skin of back acne, which only worsens the condition. The use of such tools causes micro-lacerations in the skin, making it once again a hospitable environment for bacteria to breed and grow. A gentle fragrance-free scrub should be lightly massaged over the area and washed off.
  • Treat the affected area overnight with a Salicylic Acid-based gel as well as during the day.
  • Avoid waxy hair product that may come in contact with the skin on the back.
  • Wear cotton clothing versus synthetic fibers which can trap oil and dead cells.
  • Pillow and sheet hygiene is a must! Pillowcases and sheets should be changed at least twice a week. Avoid using fabric conditioners on bed linens.

Some Dermalogica products that may be helpful:

Were these tips helpful? What do you do to keep your skin clear in the summer?

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Magazine Weekend: Self Magazine January ’10

You can probably read me like a deck of cards. I’m following suit. The most of my hand contained NOTD’s galore and so of course you need to learn how to take care of it (your hand that is).

While reading Self‘s January issue with Carrie Underwood on the cover, I snagged some new year moves to make a new fit me for the next days of the rest of my life! (This is the extra caffeine talking).

The magazine gives you hints on how to create your perfect part in your hair (I know if I make mine uneven too much I resemble a misshaped poodle), the latest purple lip shades on the market and straight from the trendlines (as in headlines), and more. Of course they always have their weight loss challenges and tips from celebrities to stay in shape and eat healthy. As redundant as the topics can be, I can honestly say I rely on this magazine to give me fresh tips each time I flip a page.

Here I am sharing some tips from Roopika Malhotra‘s article on how to take care of your hands. They often take the beating because we wear down our sense of touch nearly the most, right? When was the last time your eyes, your taste buds, your sniffer, or your ears took a beating like your hand did while carrying shopping bags, opening a can of soda, prying open a jar of pickles, wrestling with store hangers, paper cuts, and the list goes on! Use these four easy tips to take matters into your own hands! 🙂

MOJ - Magazine Weekend

Did you find these tips helpful?

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Moisturize Me Softly…

PhotobucketAfter reading a past issue of Marie Claire (I’m painfully behind in my reads), I was most intrigued by the article concerning beauty practices around the world. Ning Chao wrote about her experiences throughout Japan, learning about the practices of Japanese women, and sometimes comparing it to American habits.

Ning mentioned vinegars and shrinking techniques, but what hogged my attention was the skincare regimen.

The Japanese approach to skincare is the opposite of American antiaging, where we try to peel our way back to the past. “We think our skin is very delicate,” says MC’s Moriyama. Here, stripping toner is replaced with a “softener.” “Removing too much of the top layer of the skin gets rid of all its protective-barrier functions, including the inhibition of water loss,” explains Dr. Chita Katagiri, a research scientist for Shiseido. The Japanese beauty giant’s latest skincare line, Future Solution LX, has an Extra Rich Cleansing Foam, Concentrated Balancing Softener, and Total Regenerating Cream, all designed to keep the skin’s surface in peak condition. According to Katagiri, a healthy outer layer prevents problems like dryness, environmental damage, inflammation, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. To maintain perfection, Japanese women religiously wear sunscreen and foundation every day. Smudge-, sweat-, and humidity-proof, the formulas here are heavy duty, but the payoff is flawlessness.

It made me beckon back a month or so to when I started my regimen on kindness to my face. It involved more natural products, and a much more disciplined night and morning routine.I received this product at the NYC Bloggin’ Beauts event, and after learning more about the brand and product with the rest of the Bloggin’ Beauts, I felt braver about trying it out.

Korres Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturizer• Wild Rose oil, a potent, natural source of vitamin C, significantly diminishes fine lines, hyper- pigmentation and resurfaces skin, revealing a soft and radiant complexion
• Imperata cylindrica a desert plant extract, ensures 24-hour long-lasting hydration by continually regulating the cellular water equilibrium
• Pure vitamin C inhibits free radical damage and brightens the skin
• Phytic Acid, a natural skin lightener, helps illuminating sun damage and acne scarring
• Grape seed extract, rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, helps promote a healthy and youthful complexion
• Olive oil, almost identical in chemical structure to our skin lipids, provides ideal hydration, while allowing the skin to breathe

Within days of using this cream morning and night, my skin was practically praising the Athenian concoction. First of all, it smells great. There are so many creams and gels out there that promise to do many things. While some succeed, and equally as many fail, there are few and far in between that smell good.

One of the reasons that I started to shy away from a disciplined nighttime routine is because I wanted my face to be kissable after it. I didn’t want the medicinal smell and turn into some ice queen. I’d take some wrinkles for more kisses with my honey y’all. My old creams would have to be applied not so liberally and with plenty of time to dry before bedtime.


You would understand then, why I call the Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer a godsend, as it:
dries in under a minute.

  • smells amazing.
  • leaves skin soft & not sticky.
  • doesn’t make anyone who comes in contact with you recoil from the taste (plenty people kiss cheeks goodnight, right?!).
  • moisturizes skin until morning
  • and though it contains a small amount of SPF.

That last bullet point is for the ladies who sometimes forget or skip the step in the morning (guilty), this is a small layer to protect your skin as compared to leaving it bare against the elements.

Apart from smelling great, this product really delivers. It goes on nonsticky and dries quick, but it doesn’t just evaporate into thin air, leaving you wondering about whatever happened to your night cream. When you wake up (especially from a short slumber that is more appropriately Photobucketcalled a nap), your face is always looking refreshed. This is the magic formula for me. I can sleep for two hours, and Korres will make you think it was 18. Hours later, as my yawns give me away, my skin sits back with my sleepless secret at hand.

Currently, the KorresUSA website is sold out of the Moisturizer (but has plenty other goodies), but I have posted up the link for Amazon (they both sell it for $32.50), and you can take advantage of their trio of skincare products ($49) as well.

Do you use moisturizer? How has it worked out for you?

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Magazine Weekend – All You

Happy Saturday everyone! For all my US readers – Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your BBQs, fireworks, and most importantly – your TIME OFF!!!

This month (July) is UV Safety Month, so the magazine clipping of the day from All You (Issue 7, July 24) gives ya smart gal/guy advice for not roasting like your BBQ yummy friends.

With the sun kissing your skin, or the rain grazing your toes, always be kind to your body!

Shoot me an e-mail to if you would like me to explore other/have topics and/or magazines, or for general opinions of what’s in magazine weekend.

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