Happy 2011!

MyOwnJudgeHappy New Years to you all – thanks for reading and visiting this past year, and here’s to a brand new year of more spiffiness! Leave all your troubles and snafus with 2010 and break in 2011 with a smile and some gloss! 😉

Photo Credit: DeviantArt User neon-lilith

p.s. Anything special planned for 1/11/11?

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Youtube is a go!

Sorry for the delay in posts y’all. Sleep definitely trumped posting yesterday, and the rest of the time was spent trying to finally, finally get my Youtube channel up. As I mention in the video, it has been forever and a day since I’ve been taping but yet and still today is the launch day.

There is nothing like a self made video to make you question how you look to other people when you speak and how you sound!

Check out the intro, and check back for more videos!

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Search & Win

MOJ Makeover

MyOwnJudge.net underwent a bit of reconstructive surgery in the wee hours of the morning and looks a bit different now. After a long time with the old setup, I felt like the site needed more than just a tweak here and there. The major overhaul has resulted in what you see now, and though I am still working out some minor kinks (like how to get the darn ‘read more’ link to reappear!!), this is just about how it’ll look for a while.

What do you think? Do you like it? Liked the old one better? Let me know!

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Spring Flings

Ello! Miss me much?

I am happy to say that I am feeling way better than I was the last time I was posting something on MOJ. I spent the last week downing bottle after bottle of Gatorade and was only too excited to get to eat flavorless crackers yesterday and honey wheat crackers today. I also ate a sandwich and kept it down today. Amazing right?! I’ll spare you the gory details, but know that I am on the track to great health again. No idea what threw me off, but the upheavals surely put enough fear in my heart to look at all food with a side eye.

As I try to get back on schedule with everything, I thought the looming presence of spring was a great return topic. The weather in NY right now is pretty chilly, but nothing like when I was complaining about the snow harassing my hair and garments. The chill is around 60 degrees, which honestly, to me is almost perfect. Seventy degree weather with a breeze is my ideal weather channel (imagine if you had a remote and switched it up?!) so the fact that we aren’t too far has me itching to try out some of the clothes I haven’t paid much mind to, and get some new additions.

The weather specific trends have gone out the window, so anything goes. Cardigans and camisoles are ruling the closets without a duel in sight.The only thing I have to admit to passing judgement on is people going to double extremes. Boots with mini skirts or shorts are not cute. Are you warm up top and cold below?

Some items I am keeping an eye on (in several online shopping carts…) are totes with bows, flats with cute details, such as fun embellishments, cutouts, and embroidery/pattern (I’m a sucker for lace and bows in moderation). After witnessing some cute pearl accessories during fashion week, I am on the hunt for the perfect metal/gentle combination of pearl and metal chain for earrings. And of course, the bow tote. I have a thing for bows that I cannot explain. Perhaps it’s because they’re cute, or maybe because they’re “girly,” either way, look around my house and a quarter will show up with a bow at one end or other.

How have you been? Have any spring flings?

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Cleanup on Aisle 4

MOJ Sick
Image Credit: DeviantArt user djmastawes

Cleanup on aisle four! You hear that in tv shows about accidents that happen in stores and such, but I have never been privy to such an experience. I have however, spent the last day walking around with a bucket by my side as my best friend and drinking only liquid in hopes of being able to keep it down.

I don’t know if it was food, germs, or everything under some magical stomach flu umbrella, but something’s got me, and it’s got me good. So until I’m less dizzy and can eat a cracker or two, there will be limited yaya presence on the net. Sorry for the invonvenience!

Check out the older posts and drop me notes about which are your faves!
(p.s. People who rightfully deserve packages that they have yet to receive will be getting them before the end of the month.)

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No Winner Left Behind!

IOU DeviantArt Graphic

Image Credit: DeviantArt user ShingLang

It has come to my attention that some of you that won giveaways have not received your packages. If it was you, I am sorry.

A lot of times, I have no control over a package once it is in the post officer’s hands. I like to do Delivery Confirmation for US packages, but unfortunately, international packages do not have such an option. Even with tracking information, I will only know where the package is making the rounds or when it is ‘delivered.’ When an international package ships out, it can be lost, customs can keep it hostage, or a number of other reasons.

Some packages have been returned to me for wrong addresses and I have been unable to get in touch with you. Some of you have not received packages and I had no idea!

Again, if this is you, I’m sorry. Please click on the ‘Contact’ button on the top of the page and shoot me an e-mail. Remind me what giveaway/contest you won and your address.

This time around, I will ship the packages for all the lost items and will scan and e-mail you the post receipt. Then – again, it will be out of my hands.

If this isn’t you, whew! I sent a lot of packages and hope that I at least have some kind of ratio of delivered to lost. If you received a package, let me know how ya like it. You can even submit a guest review for MOJ.

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Happy Holidays!

HappyHolidays!It is a snowy winter for me. For you? I’m not sure. I do have hopes and wishes though.

I hope you are able to enjoy the presence of your family and friends as much as I enjoyed yours. If you are not as lucky, I hope you may enjoy your own presence and understand how fabulous and strong you are!

I wish that you are given as much support for your endeavors as you have showed me and MOJ. And of course I wish y’all keep coming back!


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Technical Difficulties

All right y’all. My sincerest apologies. Wouldn’t you know the first day that I am finally connected to the net I find out my posts haven’t been posting as scheduled. Accept m apologies. The giveaway days will be posted on time from now on (now that I got the net!) and the past ones will go up as well. Some of you are going to have plenty chances for goodies!

Sorry again & Enjoy!

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Just some updates for y’all.

I have changed the layout a bit and am working on updating the design and some buttons. I have started to get the feeling that the site is a little too busy on the sidebar and am working to improve on that.

Also gone are the ‘Read more’ large links. These will be replaced with smaller links. To catch older posts in their full length, just click on the post title, or to comment & the post will show up on their own. This will also clear up the gap that was created by posting when reading in Google Reader.

Along with these, there will be a new post/editorial calendar coming up, as well as links for contests and giveaways. I am still behind in the mailing part of my past giveaways, so don’t get mad at me. As a matter of fact – if you have not received what’s due for you, let me know!

As always, I love to hear what you guys are thinking, and if you have an idea to improve My Own Judge, just let me know!

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