Supplies R Us/Depotting

So I’ve finally gotten down to organization again as my shopping rises and my belongings multiply. After a trip to Pearl, Staples, and eBay, I think I’m ready to take on the task.

  • from Pearl: pack of 12 storage cups (they’re for paint but they are also perfect for storing pigments, etc.), various sized containers (for powders/mixing)
  • from Staples: labeling tape, magnetic tape (w/a dispenser how efficient!)
  • from eBay: two 28 pan eyeshadow palettes (this is good for depotting and pressing pigments, plus this is the generic size that fits the Urban Decay, Milani, and MAC shadows and it’s cheaper than the MAC pro palettes $6 before s/h). This is the seller I got it from: jolieeeee

I should’ve gotten more palettes, because I got super excited and decided to make one palette strictly Milani and one strictly Urban Decay – it makes it much easier than storing each stinkin’ e/s pot by itself.

Of course, I went to YouTube for instructions. The Milani shadows are super easy to depot, they have a hole on the bottom that you can stick a tack into and it comes right out. The Urban Decay ones are the same as the MAC.

These are the two videos I used:
Urban Decay

Here’s how I did (click on images for larger pictures):

First I started with the Milani.

This was fairly easy to do. Only thing was that you had to push really hard with the thumb tack. I used Vanessa‘s advice (Nessassary Makeup) and reused the label stickers from the e/s packaging to put on the top flap of my palette so that I wouldn’t be confused about the colors or color names. So far I am organizing them by the shadow number that comes on the packaging. Once I fill up the whole palette, I might have to redo it by color. Stay tuned!

and then the Urban! Man I had so much trouble with this one. It snapped my box cutter, and I cracked my shadow twice – thankfully only at the top though so it can still be used.

This is basically the same as depotting the MAC e/s pans and the directions are the same as well. I didn’t have much luck finding too many other videos on Urban Decay e/s. The video that I saw tells you to use snippers to cut away at the pot once you separate it from the packaging, whereas most other ones tell you to use a flame – after I tried to snip away, I used a flame and realized I like that much much better.

And this is the end result:

I went a little crazy with the labeling – my labeler had a candy wrapper option!

I decided to keep these two palettes as brand specific, and will probably buy another palette to load in the rest of my shadow stragglers.

And you? Have you done any depotting/organizing recently? How did it go?

Check out the poll at the side – I want to know what ya guys think I should do about my hauls. I’ve been on a shopping frenzy this month and the Swag Attack end of month entry might be a million pages long.

5 thoughts on “Supplies R Us/Depotting”

  1. Oooh awesome!I want to see the palette inside. lolOMG! I’m in desperate need of jars.I akways find the ones too big. =[Really, really don’t want to order online.But I did find this supply site that has EVERYTHING!And stuff to make your own pigments/shadows.


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