Playing With Napoleon

MOJ NP SetI received a video in my inbox a while back about Napoleon Perdis with an overall brand mashup. It showed him working on lucky models, introduced him, and showcased many of his products. Try as hard as I did, I could not upload the video here. Chalk that up to me still being a rookie with Blogger. I can give you the link to the video on YouTube though… and you can click on it and check it out here!

I captured a couple of the screen shots because one of the models got me itchin’ to recreate the look. I ended up struggling way too much to create a tutorial, but to make up for my troubles (no pun intended), I followed up with a pretty long photo shoot with me and myself. I even made my hair act like the 80’s were back.

Just so you know: Napoleon Perdis has two makeup lines. The namesake higher end and the partnership with Target called NP Set. I have a couple of the NP Sets and that’s precisely (New Orleans) what I used to recreate the look. Since they are found at Tarjay, I reached into my stash and used the Jemma Kidd lipstick that I purchased for review (remember it here?) and used it to have an all Tarjay look. Check it out after the jump!


I used the NP Set New Orleans eyeshadow trio to recreate this look right hurr:


I tried and I tried and I don’t know if I succeeded, but I do know that I found out an orange/brown look can be pretty snazzy if mixed with white.

The model in the inspiration picture doesn’t have her eyes rimmed with black liner, but I felt like it was necessary. What do you think? Would you change it?

Felt like the hair was too flat in the first two pictures so I started to mess around and foof up my hair. Yes y’all. I call this foofing. I also did that model look (I like to call it that) where you stare at nothing and kind of pout and kind of not lol.

Couldn’t take myself seriously for long…

The look transforms into something else entirely when you swap in a neutral-ish lipstick for a red. I used NYX in Elektra. Oh and that face? I’m not disgusted… I was trying to make an amused look… I’m not a model, I’m a blogger! 🙂

It gave me the urge to break out my crazy headband and polka dots. Foofed some more and goofed around with the camera.

How are you liking it? Check out the video?

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Jemma Kidd for Target

It’s Review Time!

This week’s review is a little off the regular path. This one is more a selection of a line of products, than it is a single product. I guess that’s pretty similar to what I’ve done before too then, huh?

What it is:

This is a cosmetics brand from makeup artist Jemma Kidd. This is a limited edition collaboration with Target, as the rest of her name brand is sold in Bergdorf Goodman, & several Neiman Marcus stores.

There is an extensive line of products, but I only bought the an eyeshadow duo and a gloss lipstick. Both of these are $18 each, and can be found here. Also make sure to click on the link to see the video with Jemma. I tried to embed it but they didn’t have a link.

Review (5 highest, 1 lowest):

Packaging: 4 out of 5 (the e/s is nothing special – but the lipsticks are very cute)

Price: 3.5 out of 5 ($18 for the E/S duo & the Lipstick)

Quality: 3.5 out of 5 for the e/s and 4 out of 5 for the lipstick

Overall: barely 4 out of 5 (b/c the lipstick was good)

The product(s):

The swatches:
E/S Duo in Chic
Sheer Vanity Gloss & Glaze Lipstick in A la Mode

The lipstick is really creamy and has a great gloss to it.

So this one was pretty simple. First, I didn’t do a look because these are simple and average colors. Also, the pigmentation, the finish, and the quality of the eyeshadow is the same as well. Simple. Nothing special.

The package is sweet and petite, and reminds me a little of Almay and other products with initials embossed in the powder. For this price, I wouldn’t recommend it, because it does nothing to beat out cheaper competition.

The lipstick however, not only has the cutest packaging with flower illustrations, but it is also super creamy, has a very high gloss factor for a lipstick format (there are not many with that – thus my lip gloss obsession), and the color is discreet but definitely original and great looking.

I would recommend you shell out the bucks for the lippie but not the e/s.

How about you? Ever tried this brand?

Disagree with me?

Lemme hear it!

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What the?

So I went to Tarjayyyy for some cereal, deodorant, and a birthday card.

I of course was seduced by the cosmetics aisle!

I got two things from the JK Jemma Kidd line (since Rai asked me about it) and two from the NP eye palette collection.

I have already tried the NP palettes, so I was just getting some more colors but one of the palettes (Atlanta) – described on the packaging as plum/purple looks very much brown/neutral to me. I went online to see if I was losing my mind and the images on the Target website are just as incorrect.

What I got: The packaging: The picture on the site:

and in real life:

Does that look like plum/purple to you?

Hot mess.

The damage:

NP E/S Palettes in Seattle & Atlanta

JK Jemma Kidd Sheer Vanity Gloss & Glaze in A la Mode & I-Style Pro Duo in Chic

Stay tuned for the JK review later in the day!