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MOJ - AnatomicalsAfter reading past reviews of mine, you would probably come to the correct conclusion that I put more thought into the product than just the product itself. Even if a product is effective, if nothing makes you pick it up from the counter at your nearest store, or from your nearest e-tailer, nobody gets anywhere. The company doesn’t get the money they rightfully deserve for a great product, and you miss out on the product experience of having something so perfect for you land in your hand. So companies hire Public Relations and Advertising teams. And Yaya? She tries to pay attention to those efforts as well.

So where does Anatomicals fit in this equation? Well. Let’s inspect. Start first with the website here. The page lets you choose if you want to be introduced to the company here or just go straight into a purchasing cloud nine here. Want to know more? Of course you would. The page flashes images and keywords on them. Cheeky. Pimpish. Urban. Lush. Defiant. Punky. Alluring. Etc. Catchy. The company is described to simply trying to make your life better, and says if you are not interested, to click over (won’t tell you where, it ruins the surprise!).

Now we stand with a definite opinion about the company. Not sold yet? That’s okay. They gave you enough to ponder about. Love it? I knew you would. Enter stage 2. The quirky and loveable product descriptions usually done with white font on bright color block backgrounds. This is for more than just the random ‘let’s read the label’ moment. This makes you read. A bit like the Vitamin Water tidbits they have (on the Dragonfruit one they promise no real dragons were hurt in the making of the drink). You read the clever title and the description.

Now you might be hooked.
As some of you may have learned through my Twitter feed, I spent this weekend on the slopes trying to catch some snow waves. Despite my efforts, I spent most of my time eating snow and tenderizing my tushy as if it was getting ready to be someone’s dinner. I ended up calling it a day and hobbled home with a bruise here and there and my pride a bit more tarnished than the snowboard who taught me a lesson in smooth sailing.

MOJ - AnatomicalsBut there are some things that I was prepared for. First, I was coming from NYC where the weather isn’t exactly peachy. I was prepared for cold. Second, I knew well enough that sunscreen was the number one item to pack, as the rays reflect from the snow to your face (which you probably have facing towards the floor as you try not to fall… oh just me then). Last but not least? I knew that with snow and frigid weather follow winds (more often than not). This almost immediately puts nightmares of cracked lips and skin in my mind.

Which brings me to my review of Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up lip balm.

We’ve adequately covered the fact that the company is great and the packaging is catchy… right? Well let’s introduce the quality of the product.

MOJ - Anatomicals MOJ - Anatomicals

MOJ - AnatomicalsAt first, I was skeptical about a clear balm. First because there are so many on the market and second because the applicator wasn’t the usualy lip gloss-y norm. Then I applied.

I tested the product twice. Once at home to check how my lips felt with the product. Soft. Not sticky. No smell. No fuss. The applicator? Didn’t make a big deal at all, didn’t make it harder, and applied just as great as any other good lip applicator. Then I hit the slopes. My lips kept to the program and remained soft throughout every single one of my haphazard drops on my bottom.

The only qualm I have with this product? It is not stated whether or not it has SPF in it, so you might want to either research it more, or not wear it as often if you’re in a ski/snowboard/snowmobile weekend extravaganza.

I’m equally won over by the packaging for the other lip balms available from the company (available for purchase here – they’re from across the US pond so I’d say the balms are roughly 6$).

Disclaimer: This productwas sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

Have you tried Anatomicals? Have a favorite balm? Let me know!

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