Spring Nails Bloom

MOJ Maybelline Pastel NOTDI remember when having a different color on each nail was a funky mani revolution of a trend not a year or so ago. I never got on the wagon because I could never get the right colors together, and doing a gradation took too much effort on my part (raise your hand if you’re lazy lol). That all changed as soon as I went on my drugstore escapades and found the new spring collections available for mass purchase. I picked up some of the limited edition pastel Maybelline polishes and had a bright idea to use them all at once last night. I will be getting a Calgel makeover within hours, but who cares, right? I have so much polish, I should be wearing different colors every several hours!

I will be swatching these again to show you how they look alone soon. These are the only four colors I got from the collection, there are some variations of pink and an orange that I didn’t get, because… well… I wanted something new, ya know?

As I was taking photos, I realized the perfect background would be my fuzzy pastel-ish bathrobe. This is the garment that keeps me warm and makes a Sunday morning so awesome.

without flash
with flash

I’m totally digging it. How about you? Have you tried something funky with your nails? Liking the Maybelline spring pastels?
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8 thoughts on “Spring Nails Bloom”

  1. I think Pie in the Sky looks a lot like Orly's Snowcone, but I'd have to see the two side-by-side to be sure.

    How did you find the application of these? I've heard not so good things about the brushes, on Minty in particular.


  2. @IMM thanks! They are such happy colors to look at

    @steelnpurple – agreed! I don't know why people keep saying pastel is out for spring – pastel IS spring!! 🙂

    @whateveramber – I don't know if I have that Orly color to compare, will check if I do. I found the application to be a bit watery but manageable after two coats (which is what I used). They would probably be best with three. All of them in this bunch start the first coat super thin. Maybe they're getting ready to go swimming in the summer lol!


  3. I just picked up the bright tangerine color, love it so much. The display was pretty bare, i didn't see any of these colors or i would have definitely got the minty green one!


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