Victoria’s Secret Fall Face Kit – Review

MyOwnJudge - Victoria's SecretVictoria’s Secret has been really churning out high numbers of various beauty products. Both of their makeup lines are getting pretty good feedback, and a good amount of money from my pocket. I’m a big fan of the VS lipsticks for their creamy consistency and the color choices, as well as their Beauty Rush lip glosses and shadows.

When I went in for a routine scan of the counters for what I may not need but want, I found the Fall Face Kits. The packaging was yelling at me about the money I can save and the benefit of the kit on the go.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret

MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
The kit is good at describing the trends and the look you are trying to do for cheap on the back, as well as the descriptions for each product inside the packaging. It comes with three eyeshadow colors, a base, a bright pop of color, and a highlight. Also, there is blush for the cheeks, liner and mascara for the eyes, and gloss for the lips.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
My favorite was the face chart. I love face charts for everything, so the packaging premise for this was a 5/5 for me. This of all things is what makes you feel like you’re recreating the runway look featured on the cover.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
Once I got to swatching, I found that the products weren’t as pigmented or as strong as I hoped them to be. Pretty, just not strong.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
The gloss came in rose pink. A shade that would flatter any skin tone, with enough coral, beige, and shimmer for you to break out the song about how Poppin’ your lipgloss is. The liner was creamy but on the light side. Perfect to smudge around for a slight smokey look, or use on the waterline without severe drama. Mascara? It’s pretty average.

Overall, this is an okay buy. The downturn came at the pigmentation and color payoff of the shadows. You would really need to pack these on, or apply them wet for them to be powerful. I think there are drugstore dupes you can get to pull of this look for the same price. The verdict? This is a cute buy to have for the packaging and the basics, but if you really want to pull off the runway look, I suggest you look elsewhere.
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